Logan Thomas

  • Athlete
  • Class of 2009
  • Lynchburg, VA (Brookville)
  • 6-6, 230 lbs
  • Status: VT Signee
  • (Verbal Date: 2008-11-06)
Notes: Thomas moved to quarterback in the third game of his junior season. In 11 games, he compiled approximately 1,500 yards including about 1,000 passing and 500 rushing. On defense, he led the team in tackles while playing safety/linebacker.

In his sophomore season, Thomas caught 55 passes from the wide receiver position.

College Info

School Interest Offer Visit Date Recruited By
CLEM None Yes
UNC None Yes
UVA None Yes
WVU None Yes
FSU None Yes
PSU None Yes
WF None Yes
NCSU None Yes
VT Signee Yes Bryan Stinespring
TENN None Yes


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