Virginia Tech Future Football Schedules

This is’s listing of Virginia Tech future football schedules. It serves not only as a reference for future football schedules, but as a repository of information and links relating to Virginia Tech football schedules dating back to the early 2000s.

Last Updated: 9/21/2023 by David Cunningham. Scroll down for a complete update history.

2024 Sept. 7 Marshall
Sept. 21 Rutgers
Georgia Tech
Aug. 31 Vanderbilt
Sept. 14 ODU
Wake Forest
2025 Sept. 6 Vanderbilt
Sept. 13 ODU
Sept. 20 TBD
Boston College
Florida State
Wake Forest
Aug. 31 or Sept. 1 South Carolina (CFA Kickoff, Atlanta)
NC State
2026 Sept. 5 VMI
Sept. 12 ODU
Sept. 26 JMU
Sept. 19 Maryland
Georgia Tech
Wake Forest
2027 Sept. 18 Maryland
Nov. 20 Liberty
Sept. 11 ODU
Nov. 6 Notre Dame
2028 Sept. 2 Liberty
Sept. 9 ODU
Nov. 4 Notre Dame
Sept. 16 Maryland
2029 Sept. 1 Liberty
Sept. 15 Maryland
Sept. 8 Arizona
Sept. 22 ODU
2030 Aug. 30 Arizona
Sept. 21 ODU
Sept. 7 Liberty
Sept. 14 BYU
2031 Sept. 12 Wisconsin Sept. 6 ODU
2032 Sept. 4 Ole Miss Sept. 18 Wisconsin
2033 Sept. 10 BYU Nov. 5 Notre Dame
2034 Sept. 2 Alabama Sept. 16 South Carolina
2035 Sept. 15 South Carolina Sept. 1 Alabama
2036 Sept. 1 Notre Dame (Labor Day)TBD
2037 Sept. 5 Ole Miss

** Note that games listed as TBD on this Virginia Tech future football schedules page may be home or away when scheduled; unable to determine which at this point. Note that at least six home games every season is assumed.

Virginia Tech Future Football Schedules Info and Updates:

  • 9/21/2023: Mike Barber of the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports Virginia Tech and James Madison have agreed to push back their Sept. 20, 2025 meeting to Sept. 26, 2026. JMU’s payment for the game will now be $800,000 instead of $500,000.
  • 6/15/2023: After the SEC announced its 2024 football opponents, Vanderbilt included a note in its press release about its future game against Virginia Tech: “Vanderbilt will host Virginia Tech at FirstBank Stadium to open the 2024 season.” A Virginia Tech spokesperson confirmed to Tech Sideline that the game will be played on campus in 2024 at FirstBank Stadium. When the series was announced in November 2019, the Hokies and Commodores were scheduled to meet at Nissan Stadium, home of the Tennessee Titans.
  • 8/17/2022: In 2017, Virginia Tech announced a series with BYU. The first of two games, originally scheduled for Sept. 26, 2026 in Blacksburg, has been moved to Sept. 10, 2033, per reports. The road trip for the Hokies to Provo is still scheduled for Sept. 14, 2030.
  • 6/28/2022: ACC announces its new football scheduling model (3-5-5). This eliminates Atlantic and Coastal Divisions and gives each program three annual opponents. For Virginia Tech, those are Pitt, Virginia and Wake Forest. The model begins in 2023 and runs through 2026.
  • 1/8/2021: Virginia Tech will play South Carolina in the 2025 Chick-fil-A Classic in Atlanta; Penn State road game removed from 2025 schedule. Moved 2025 Vanderbilt game from Aug. 30 to Sep. 6. Updated some game dates to match data on
  • 12/11/2019: Virginia Tech announces a home and home with South Carolina: in Columbia in 2034 and in Blacksburg in 2035.
  • 11/19/2019: Virginia Tech announces games with Vanderbilt in 2024 (Nissan Stadium) and 2025 (Blacksburg).
  • 10/31/2019: Virginia Tech announces future home-and-homes with Alabama (2034 home, 2035 road), Ole Miss (home 2032, road 2037), and an unnamed SEC opponent in 2024-2025. Many other updates, including yet another rescheduling of the Wisconsin series and confirmation of Marshall games, also shown in this graphic.
  • 9/24/2019: Virginia Tech and ECU officially cancel all future games.
  • 6/5/2019: ECU cancels a trip to Virginia Tech in 2020.
  • 1/7/2019: Virginia Tech announces that the FCS opponent for 2019 is Rhode Island. In addition, the Furman game is moved from Aug. 31 to Sep. 14.
  • 12/22/2018: Virginia Tech announces they will not play at ECU in 2019, 2023, or 2025. The Hokies will schedule an as-yet unnamed FCS opponent at home in 2019. The Hokies will also probably play against Marshall in 2023 and 2024, but that matchup is not finalized yet, per Whit Babcock. Babcock also anticipates that ECU will not visit Virginia Tech in 2020, 2024, and 2026, but that is not official yet.
  • 6/11/2018: Virginia Tech schedules a home-and-home with Middle Tennessee State to replace the canceled Michigan series.
  • 3/29/2018: Michigan cancels the 2020-2021 series
  • 7/28/2017: Virginia Tech announces games with BYU, ODU, Liberty and VMI.
  • 5/11/2017: The ACC announces matchups with Notre Dame from 2026 through 2037. Most notable: VT to host Notre Dame on Labor Day night in 2036.
  • 4/17/2017:  Added 2026-2030 schedules, showing 4-game series with Maryland and home-and-home with Arizona.
  • 4/13/2017: Florida State and Virginia Tech will play on Labor Day, Sep. 3, 2018.
  • 12/22/2015: Corrected the 2016 ECU date from Sep. 17 to Sep. 24.
  • 1/13/2015: Virginia Tech future football schedules were reworked, adding a sixth home game for 2019.  As a result, games with Wisconsin and Penn State had to be moved around.  A home-and-home with Rutgers was also announced.  Complete info here.
  • 10/21/14: Dates for the Notre Dame games from 2016-2021 announced. Charlotte home game in 2019 dropped per this tweet and this tweet from David Teel. It is anticipated that one of the 7 road games in 2019 will be dropped/changed and a home game added to the current slate of 5 home games that season.
  • 7/15/14: Hokies and WVU to play at FedExField in 2017.
  • 5/14/14: Removed 2014 from this page.
  • 12/20/13: The game at Notre Dame in 2016 will be on November 19.
  • 12/19/13: VT and Purdue agree to play in 2015 (road) and 2023 (home)
  • 10/24/13: The 2014 Ohio State game moves from Sep. 20th to Sep. 6th.
  • 10/10/13: Updated with Virginia Tech future football schedules information from the future schedules page; includes games with Ohio State (2014 and 2015); the 2016 Tennessee game at Bristol Motor Speedway; Notre Dame (2015 and 2018); Wisconsin (2019 and 2020); Michigan (2020 and 2021); West Virginia (2021 and 2022); and Penn State (2022 and 2023).
  • 1/11/13: The ACC announces the 2013 opponents.
  • 12/11/12: Multiple media outlets are reporting that VT will play a 2-for-1 with ODU in 2016-2019. The teams will play in Blacksburg in 2016 and 2019, in Norfolk in 2018, and will skip 2017. Remember, at this point, the future ACC schedules shown are pretty meaningless, because the future scheduling model for ACC football has not been announced. The league will have to accommodate the entry of Pittsburgh, Syracuse, and Louisville, the departure of Maryland, and the Notre Dame games.
  • 10/17/12: Virginia Tech announces an extension to the ECU series. Basically, with so much up in the air with Syracuse, Pittsburgh, and Notre Dame, there is no way to predict Virginia Tech future football schedules accurately. The OOC games listed above are known, as are the guaranteed ACC opponents every year: Duke, Georgia Tech, Miami, UNC, Pitt, UVa, and BC. Beyond that, predicting who VT is going to play in the ACC, and what games will be home or away, is impossible.  So we’ll have to wait for the ACC to sort it out, probably in early 2013.
  • 10/16/12: ECU gets added back into the road schedule for 2013. We think this moves Pittsburgh to a home game in 2013, so we put them there. We also put Pittsburgh at home for 2014, to keep the ACC home/road balance intact from 2014 onward.  But, really, we don’t know how this is going to shake out. Notre Dame is also lurking around, sometime in 2014-2016, per Jim Weaver on Tech Talk Live. Lots of moving parts …
  • 10/4/12: Due to Notre Dame’s agreement to play five ACC teams per year as part of their membership deal, the ACC reverses course and says that the league will only play eight conference games per year. Lots of TBDs and question marks in the schedule because we’re not sure where annual Pitt games will fall, what Altantic teams VT will play when and where, and when Notre Dame will enter the picture.
  • 7/27/12: With Syracuse and Pittsburgh coming into the league in 2013, the ACC will go to a 9-game conference schedule. The Atlantic Division will play five home ACC games in odd-numbered years, and the Coastal will play five home ACC games in even years. (The ACC opponents shown in the table are carryovers from previous future schedules but may not be correct.) In addition, there are wholesale changes to the out of conference schedules in 2013-2016.
  • 7/7/11: Multiple sources: 2014 Maryland road game moved to M&T Bank Stadium. Hokies to play Alabama in 2013 CFA Kickoff Game in Atlanta. Per David Teel blog, 2012 and 2013 ECU games moved to 2016 and 2017 (assumed road-home sequence).
  • 9/12/10: Multiple sources: Kansas State series for 2014 and 2016 canceled.  Also, removed 2010 from the future schedules page.
  • 2/2/10: Per, the Boise State-VT game at FedExField will be played on Labor Day night (Sep. 6, 2010), not Oct. 2 as previously scheduled. Update: future schedules page lists the Central Michigan game as Oct. 9 … so we are, too.
  • 11/24/09: Per, VT will play JMU on 9/11/10, completing the 2010 schedule.
  • 11/15/09: The 2012 Cincinnati game, originally scheduled as a road game at Cincinnati, has been moved to FedExField. The Boise State game will not be on Labor Day night, but instead will be played on Oct. 2, 2010 as originally scheduled (per Jim Weaver on Tech Talk Live). We are assuming that Central Michigan is back on the 9/4/10 date, and that ECU is still 9/18/10.
  • 10/27/09: The 2010 game against Boise State at FedExField will be played on Labor Day night (9/6/10), Jim Weaver reports on Tech Talk Live. The Hokies will play at home the following Saturday (9/11/10). (Central Michigan was previously scheduled for 9/4/10, so that is now unknown; ECU has been scheduled as 9/18/10, and that is assumed to still be correct). The remaining TBD game is assumed to be a home game.
  • 10/23/09: The Kalamazoo Gazette reports that VT has moved the 2010 Western Michigan home game out to 2016. That creates a TBD of undetermined location (home/away/neutral) for the 2010 season.
  • 7/29/09: The Virginian-Pilot reports that Arkansas State will play at VT in 2011.
  • 7/23/09: announces VT will play Boise State at FedExField on Oct. 2, 2010. Other media outlets report that Syracuse is backing out of a 2010/2011 home/away series, so we have removed that, leaving an open home date in 2011.
  • 6/23/09: Extensive changes to Virginia Tech future football schedules based on an update to the future schedules page on OOC opponents added for 2013 (Western Carolina), 2014 (Wm & Mary), 2015 (Furman and Akron), and numerous dates applied to OOC games through 2017.
  • 5/26/09: Removed 2009 from the future schedules page and added 2017 (showing trip to Wisconsin in 2017 — see 4/1/08 update below).
  • 12/19/08: Multiple sources report that the Hokies will play Alabama on September 5th, 2009 in Atlanta.
  • 9/17/08: Changed the 2015 ECU game from a home game to a road game, to match the future schedules page on
  • 7/16/08: Per, Virginia Tech announces that the 2009 opener at Cincinnati (scheduled for 9/5/09) has been pushed back to 2012 for a made-for-TV game against an SEC team (in negotiations with Alabama at the time of the announcement).
  • 4/1/08: Per an email from Jim Weaver to a Hokie fan, which was forwarded to us: VT and Wisconsin will play a home-and-home in 2016 and 2017.  We received another email that said according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel in September, 2006, the 2016 game is in Blacksburg on Sep. 10th, and the 2017 game is in Madison on Sep. 9, 2017. The 2017 game is is currently not shown on our schedule, but will be added later.
  • 12/6/07: Per, updated date of 2008 Nebraska game from 9/20/08 to 9/27/08.
  • 12/2/07: Updated ECU game date on 2008 to August 30th, per
  • 9/24/07: Per Jim Weaver on the Hokie Hotline, the Bowling Green game for 2008 has been pushed back to 2012. The Hokies are working with the MAC and the ACC to find a new opponent for 2008.
  • 2/14/07: Per the Kansas City Star, Kansas State will play at VT in 2014, and the Hokies will return the trip in 2016.
  • 9/19/06: Per Jim Weaver on the Hokie Hotline, the ECU game in Charlotte in 2007 is moved to 2008, and the ECU home game in 2008 is moved to 2007.
  • 5/12/06: VT announces a home-and-home series with Nebraska.
  • 3/22/06: Removed Wisconsin games from the 2008 and 2009 schedules, because (according to Jim Weaver on the 9/19/05 Hokie Hotline) Wisconsin asked out of the series. ESPN tried to set up a 2006/2008 series with Wisconsin, but that fell through, so the Hokies scheduled Northeastern for the 2006 season (2008 game is still TBD at this point). Also removed Wisconsin from the 2016/2017 schedules, and deleted those years from this page.
  • 11/8/05: The Virginia Tech Athletic Department announced the following changes to Virginia Tech future football schedules: the ECU 2006 home game is moved to 2014, and another ECU home game is added in 2015; Southern Miss replaces ECU in 2006 in Blacksburg; Tech will not be playing at Ohio in 2006; ESPN is working on moving the 2008 Wisconsin road game to 2006 to replace the Ohio road game. At this time, all changes are shown on this page, with the exception of the Wisconsin road game being moved from 2008 to 2006, which has not been finalized. Ohio has been replaced with a TBD in 2006 for now.
  • 6/23/05: The Virginia Tech Athletic Department releases future out of conference schedules from 2006-2011, including dates. Games from 2012 beyond are left as they were on the previous future schedules update.
  • 6/2/05: The Richmond Times-Dispatch reported on 6/1/05 that Pittsburgh replaces Illinois in 2012/13 and that the Hokies will play Wisconsin in 2016/17 (no indication of home and away sequence; away assumed first).
  • 5/10/05: In April of 2005, the NCAA approved a 12th game for all seasons, beginning in 2006. While this game will more than likely be used as a revenue-generating home contest against a cupcake or D-1AA opponent, we listed the 12th game in the TBD row (meaning it could be home or away). For purposes of this Virginia Tech future football schedules page, we continue to hold to the rule that at least six home games will be played per year, but not necessarily seven.
  • 4/20/05: Per the Wisconsin Badgers web site, VT’s road game with the Badgers in 2008 will be on September 20th.
  • 11/30/04: Per a press release on 11/18/04, the ACC has announced football matchups through 2015. Dates not set yet.
  • 11/2/04: Per Jim Weaver on the 11/1/04 Hokie Hotline: 2005 non-conference game dates are September 17th against Marshall, September 24th against Ohio University, and at West Virginia on October 1st.
  • 10/21/04: Per Jim Weaver on the 10/11/04 Hokie Hotline: BC replaces Wake Forest on the 2005 schedule (home game).
  • 10/18/04: Syracuse added for 2010 and 2011, per
  • 9/29/04: Added the note about BC replacing Wake, MD, or NCSU in 2005.
  • 8/25/04: From the Aug 23, 2004 Hokie Huddler regarding Virginia Tech future football schedules, VT will play Temple in 2008 and 2009. No home opponent for 2006 yet.
  • 6/7/04: From the May 31, 2004 Hokie Huddler, ECU added for 2012/13 (with dates), Central Michigan in 2010 (9/4/10). VT honoring long-standing contract with ECU with 2008 road game (no date given), and Hokies playing Bowling Green at home in 2008 (no date). Kent State, previously scheduled for 2008 at home, no longer listed as a 2008 home game (may have been a mistake on our part listing them there).
  • 5/12/04: From multiple sources, VT to play Marshall in Lane Stadium in 2009 (9/12) and 2013 (9/21), with a game in Huntington in 2011 (9/24).
  • 12/27/03: VT is slated to play USC in the 2004 BCA Classic at Fed Ex field. Yep, THE USC. (multiple sources)
  • 10/13/03: VT announces that the second half of the LSU series, a game in Baton Rouge, has been moved from 2004 to 2007. The Hokies are now searching for a home opponent for 2004 (later signed FAMU).
  • 10/1/03: The ACC announces that each league school, in 2004 and 2005, will play the same eight opponents each year. VT will not play FSU or Clemson in 2004 or 2005, but will play all other schools. The Hokies will host UVa, Duke, MD and NC State in 2004, and travel to GT, Wake Forest, UNC, and Miami. In 2005, the home/road games switch. Unknown what happens beyond that.
  • 9/30/03: It is announced that VT and WVU will play in Blacksburg in 2004 (on Oct. 2) and in Morgantown in 2005 (on Oct. 1). The linked article also mentions that VT and LSU will probably be moved from 9/4/04 to 8/28/04 and be played as the BCA Classic. (LSU road game was later moved to 2007, and USC became the BCA opponent in 2004)
  • 9/16/03: VT AD Jim Weaver announced on the Hokie Hotline that Temple had asked out of the 2004 game with VT.  Weaver mentioned San Jose State as a possible replacement. (later turned out to be FAMU)
  • 8/11/03: Extensive Virginia Tech future football schedules info from the Richmond Times-Dispatch: drop Auburn (from 2010/11 — “They canceled on us,” Weaver said. “They’ve been told they have to have seven home games each year.”). 2004 OOC games listed as @LSU, with Western Michigan and Temple at home. “Still scheduled are games against Wisconsin (2008, 2009), Illinois (2012, 2013) and Ohio State (2014, 2015). Also on future schedules are Ohio University, Marshall, Division I-AA William and Mary, Kent State and Bowling Green.” Not mentioned was a previously listed road game against ECU (2008), so it’s possible that ECU will no longer be the BCA opponent in 2004 (later turned out to be true), and the 2008 road game at ECU won’t happen (conjecture on our part). We have dropped ECU from 2008, which sets the 2008 road schedule at 5 games.
  • 7/21/03: VT’s in the ACC. That changes everything.
  • 8/9/02: The 2004 BCA game with ECU is a go. This gives VT 12 games in 2004. (later changed from ECU to USC)
  • 8/7/02: From the Richmond Times-Dispatch, The Tribe to come calling in 2007.
  • 9/9/01:  Per the Roanoke Times, the Kent game that was originally scheduled for 2002 will be moved to 2006, due to Temple remaining in the Big East through 2004. The article also gave the dates for all of the OOC games in 2002 and the JMU game in 2003.


  • The NCAA permits one game against a division I-AA team to count towards bowl eligibility, every year (as of April 2005).
  • Virginia Tech will not play fewer than six home games in a season.   It’s economics, and it is not going to change.
  • maintains a listing of Virginia Tech future football schedules, which you can see by clicking here.