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Friends of TSL


Welcome to Friends of TSL, a way for you to go beyond subscribing to, and provide additional support to the site with a monetary donation.

People have been telling us for years they would gladly contribute more to if they could, so we decided to set up Friends of TSL and give you the opportunity to do just that.

If you’d like to donate to Friends of TSL, just check out the options in the drop-down box above, make a selection, and purchase a membership using your credit card.

If you need to know more before you make a decision, then check out our FAQ that follows. Thanks for checking out Friends of TSL!

Friends of TSL Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Friends of TSL?

Friends of TSL is a donation program, a way to give extra money to beyond being a TSL Pass subscriber. People have been telling us for years they would gladly contribute more to if they could, so we decided to set up Friends of TSL and give you the opportunity to do just that.

Your donation will make the site stronger, enable us to expand and improve our offerings, and ensure that we’ll be around for a long time. Friends of TSL will be our “war chest.”

Why are you doing this?

The short answer? This is a very challenging business, and we’ve been able to keep it going over the years, but we wanted to give our biggest supporters — you — the chance to help us build up our funds and become stronger.

The long answer? Read our recent State of the Tech Sideline Union 2018 series of articles (subscribers-only).

What are you going to do with the money?

That’s answered mostly in State of the TSL Union Part 4, but we’re going to use it to enhance and improve the site and its offerings (including paying for more freelance content), purchase more/better equipment, travel to more road events/games, as well as build up cash reserves to get through the tough times.

How much can I give?

We have set up five donation levels:

  • Bronze: $50 a year, billed once each year, or monthly at $4.17/month
  • Silver: $100 a year or $8.33/month
  • Gold: $250 a year or $20.83/month
  • Platinum: $500 a year or $41.67/month
  • Diamond: $1,000 a year or $83.33/month

If you’d like to give a different amount, email us at [email protected], and we’ll talk it over with you.

Does my Friends of TSL membership include a TSL Pass subscription, or a discount on a TSL Pass subscription?

No, it does not. A TSL Pass subscription is a completely separate purchase.

If I join Friends of TSL, do I get any perks or stuff?

You’ll get a Friends of TSL badge on the message boards, which is an old-school TSL logo, but at this point, nothing in the way of perks or “stuff” is offered or guaranteed. Any money given to Friends of TSL is given freely, knowing that you’re supporting the site.

But if the program is successful — and we think it will be — membership in Friends of TSL could lead to invitations to special events, discounts on merchandise, and other benefits we’ll come up with as we go along. We really want to see Friends of TSL succeed wildly, so we can turn it into something special for you.

Is my Friends of TSL membership tax-deductible?

No, it is not. We are a for-profit enterprise, so any money paid to us in any way is not tax deductible.

Does Friends of TSL automatically renew?

Yes, it does, whether you pay monthly or annually. You can turn off the auto-renewal at any time.

What if I just want to make a one-time donation? How do I do that?

Pick a donation level, sign up at that level, and then immediately cancel the auto-renewal. That way, you’ll only get charged once. For example, if you want to donate $250, select “Gold Yearly,” go through the checkout process, and then cancel the auto-renewal. That will result in a one-time $250 donation, with no future donations (unless you do it again).

Can I send you a check, or send you my credit card info in the mail (I don’t like to use my card online)?

Sure. Click here for a printable form you can use to mail in a check or send us your credit card info.

Who’s in Friends of TSL? How many people have joined?

Before the public launch of Friends of TSL, we emailed our lifetime subscribers to introduce it to them, and as of August 27, 2018, over 70 of them signed up. So it’s a pretty big list of supporters, and we thank them, and everyone else who joins!