In-State Recruiting Rankings History has been creating and maintaining annual lists of the top recruits in the state of Virginia since 2003. SportsWar recruiting analyst Chris Horne created the lists through 2016.’s Chris Coleman took over the lists in 2017. Beginning in 2019, we started using’s rankings.

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Recruiting Rankings Rankings Rankings Top 25 Top 25
2018Top 15 and Best of the Rest
2017Postseason Top 20
2016Postseason Top 40
2015Postseason Top 40
2014Postseason Top 40
2013Postseason Top 40
2012Postseason Top 40
2011Postseason Top 40
2010Postseason Top 30
2009Postseason Top 40
2008Postseason Top 30
2007Postseason Top 30
2006Postseason Top 30
2005Postseason Top 30
2004Postseason Top 30
2003Postseason Top 40
Note: Prior to 2003, archived listings of The Roanoke Times Top 25 recruits as listed by Doug Doughty are provided below.
2002Roanoke Times Top 25
2001Roanoke Times Top 25
2000Roanoke Times Top 25
1999Roanoke Times Top 25
1998Roanoke Times Top 25
1997Roanoke Times Top 25
1996Roanoke Times Top 25
1995Roanoke Times Top 25
1994Roanoke Times Top 25
1993Roanoke Times Top 25
1992Roanoke Times Top 25
1991Roanoke Times Top 25
1990Roanoke Times Top 25
1989Roanoke Times Top 25
1988Roanoke Times Top 25