Press conference: Thomas and Byrn


Logan Thomas

On his impressions of the Pitt game last year

Just how physical they were, offense and defense.  They brought it.  They made it tough for us to move the ball, and we had trouble stopping them as well.  They were fine tuned and ready to go.  They had our number and has us beat in all aspects of the game.

On how satisfying it was to avenge the UNC loss, and does the revenge factor play in this week?

I think it’s still kind of a revenge type game.  Obviously we wanted to get that one back from last year (the UNC game), and we want to get this one back from last year.  The way they put a beating on us, we want to turn it around.

On whether he continues to get more comfortable with the offense and his progressions

Yeah, I’m starting to understand it pretty well.  The things we’re doing kind of fits into my game and I’m able to go through my progressions a lot faster and get it to the open guys.  The more I do it, the better I’ll be at it.

On whether he’s more comfortable throwing out of shotgun

Yeah, I think any quarterback will tell you it’s more comfortable to throw out of shotgun.  You don’t have to bend down and get underneath the center.  But yeah, I kind of expected it, we’re able to throw out of it and run out of it.

On breaking the VT career passing yardage record

Yeah, it’s a huge honor.  I’ve got to thank the guys I’ve played with over the years, the offensive line and the receivers I’ve had, and the backs that I’ve had, and the tight ends as well.  I didn’t really picture myself doing it when I first started playing here.  I’m just blessed and thankful that I’ve had the chance, and God’s given me the ability to do it.  I’m not one to talk about it, but it’s a big thing for me.  I’m excited and looking to move past it now, and just keep winning games.

On the emergence of Willie Byrn

Willie really didn’t hit the scene until this fall.  He’s been busting his tail for the past three years trying to be the best he can be.  He really stepped up and started showing it in camp this year.  He’s one of those guys you can just trust to be in the right spot.  He’s a guy who’s gonna catch the football.  He knows what he’s doing, he can play any position throughout the wide receiver group.  That’s the type of person that you need, a guy who is very versatile.

On why Byrn is stepping up this year

I never really had to say much to him, because you could tell he wanted it just like anybody else.  He knows what to do, he knows how to get there, he’s very good at the routes that he does run.  We’ve had to find a way to get him where he’s comfortable, to where he’s best placed.  He’s a great matchup against certain things, like linebackers.  It makes it tough on those guys to cover a guy like him who is quick in and out of breaks.

On being ranked in the top 25

Well, we’re in the top 25, but we’re used to being in the top 10.  For me it doesn’t feel any different than it has all year.  We’re going to prepare the same way, we’re going to practice hard the same way…we’ve still got a lot of work to do.  Offensively, we’re not ready to settle, we’re ready to get better.

Willie Byrn

On the status of his knee injury

I really only got hit on it once, it was in the second half.  It feels a lot better.  It feels surprisingly good considering I just played a whole game.  Right now I’m probably 85%, but the way that it’s progressed the past few days, I think I’ll be close to 100% by game time.

On whether knowing there is a bye after the Pitt game changes the mentality at all

I think all we’re thinking about right now is Pitt and how they kind of whipped up on us last year.  I don’t think we’re thinking about the bye week.  We’re just focused on Saturday and executing so we can get a little bit of revenge.

On whether he sees a big play element emerging in the offense

I think we’ve always had the big play element.  We’re just executing better, and we’re getting better at piecing together the small chunks, and that will open up the big plays.  The big plays complement the little five yards, nickel and diming them down the field.  We’ve just got to run all our routes to the best of our ability, and Logan goes through his progressions, and the line blocks, and I think we’ll start hitting more big plays.

On whether he detects more of a sense of urgency from the coaching staff because of the losing streak to Pitt

I don’t think they like losing, period.  You can definitely sense a little bit of…I guess just the revenge factor against Pitt.  I don’t know about all of the last four games, but certainly last year.  All of our players were there for last year, so we just want to go out there and beat them and give them a little taste of what they gave us last year.

On his juking ability

I’m certainly not the most physically huge guy, or an intimidating guy.  I’ve always been really confident…my favorite part of football is getting the ball in my hands and making people miss.  I really didn’t play too much receiver in high school, I was most a tailback.  I think people might underestimate me when they first see me, but it’s my job to go out there and keep proving them wrong.

On playing a joke on his dad when he got his scholarship

I go golfing a lot.  In the summer I went a lot with Joe St. Germain and D.J. DiNardo, and Ethan…and Logan whenever he gets a chance…he’s not very good though.  Joe likes to bet money because he’s really good, so I told my dad that I bet a lot of money and I lost a lot of money on the last few holes.  He was really mad, and I was like “relax, it’s only $500, it’s not a big deal, and you don’t have to pay my tuition anymore.”  He was like, “I’m so…wait, what did you just say?”  It was pretty cool.  I played a prank on my whole family.

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  1. Just keep improving and take care of the football. Play with fire, passion and tenacity in all 3 phases. I sense a good game this saturday from the offense. Go Hokies!

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