The Tech Sideline Endowed Scholarship for Sports Journalism

Tech Sideline Endowed Scholarship

In August of 2018, was pleased to announce our pledge to donate $100,000 over five years to create the Tech Sideline Endowed Scholarship in the Virginia Tech Department of Communication (now the School of Communication).

The scholarship is called the “Tech Sideline Endowed Scholarship for Sports Journalism,” and its purpose is to provide funding to support students in the School of Communication’s Sports Media and Analytics program, the program that former Hokies play-by-play announcer Bill Roth helped launch.

You can read about our decision to endow the scholarship here:

Tech Sideline Endows Scholarship in Virginia Tech Communications Department —, Aug. 21, 2018

And you can read the story about the scholarship that ran on Virginia Tech’s web site here:

Tech Sideline Boosts Virginia Tech’s Sports Media Program —, Aug. 20, 2018

Progress of the Tech Sideline Endowed Scholarship for Sports Journalism

Starting in August of 2018, over the course of five years, will donate $100,000 for the scholarship, by donating $1,667.00 a month for 60 months. That means our last donation to the scholarship will occur in July of 2023.

  • Last Updated: January 4, 2022 – (End of December 2021 payments)
  • Total Donated by to Date: $68,347
  • Total Donated by Others to Date: $4,675
  • Total Donated to Date: $73,022

Note that additional funds donated by people other than are added to the total value of the scholarship. will be required to donate the full $100,000, and funds donated by others will add to that $100k value.

How You Can Donate

If you’re interested, you too can contribute to the Tech Sideline Endowed Scholarship for Sports Journalism, taking it above and beyond the $100k we have pledged. Or you can start your own initiative, or even endow your own scholarship.

To contribute to the Tech Sideline Endowed Scholarship, or to explore other giving opportunities at Virginia Tech, contact Dan Cleveland, assistant dean of advancement at the Virginia Tech College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences. Dan is our gift officer who showed us the ins and outs and helped make this happen. Dan’s email is [email protected].

List of Winners

2021-2022: Jake Lyman

Donation Tracker

Here’s a donation tracker for’s portion of the scholarship.

Tech Sideline Endowed Scholarship Tracker
MonthContributionTotal to Date
Feb 2022$1,667$71,681
Jan 2022$1,667$70,014
Dec 2021$1,667$68,347
Nov 2021$1,667$66,680
Oct 2021$1,667$65,013
Sep 2021$1,667$63,346
Aug 2021$1,667$61,679
Jul 2021$1,667$60,012
Jun 2021$1,667$58,345
May 2021$1,667$56,678
Apr 2021$1,667$55,011
Mar 2021$1,667$53,344
Feb 2021$1,667$51,677
Jan 2021$1,667$50,010
Dec 2020$1,667$48,343
Nov 2020$1,667$46,676
Oct 2020$1,667$45,009
Sep 2020$1,667$43,342
Aug 2020$1,667$41,675
Jul 2020$1,667$40,008
Jun 2020$1,667$38,341
May 2020$1,667$36,674
Apr 2020$1,667$35,007
Mar 2020$1,667$33,340
Feb 2020$1,667$31,673
Jan 2020$1,667$30,006
Dec 2019$1,667$28,339
Nov 2019$1,667$26,672
Oct 2019$1,667$25,005
Sep 2019$1,667$23,338
Aug 2019$1,667$21,671
Jul 2019$1,667$20,004
Jun 2019$1,667$18,337
May 2019$1,667$16,670
Apr 2019$1,667$15,003
Mar 2019$1,667$13,336
Feb 2019$1,667$11,669
Jan 2019$1,667$10,002
Dec 2018$1,667$8,335
Nov 2018$1,667$6,668
Oct 2018$1,667$5,001
Sep 2018$1,667$3,334
Aug 2018$1,667$1,667



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