Press conference: Fuller and Thomas


Kyle Fuller

On the short week

It’s not too bad. We’ve just got to get our bodies right from this past weekend. With a short week of preparation, we’ve got to make sure we’re watching film, knowing things that we need to in order to go into Georgia Tech.

On the Sundays spent prepping for Georgia Tech

Naw, not really in practice. I’m pretty sure the coaches have looked at Georgia Tech’s film earlier, before we played them, just because of their unique offense. But we’ve never really repped their offense. I think that will help us a lot.

On playing whip against GT

Possibly I’ll be playing the whip. So yeah, we’ll go from there.

On whether that shows confidence in Kendall Fuller and Brandon Facyson at corner

Yeah, definitely. And maybe just the experience I have at the position, knowing the key reads and things like that, but we’ll definitely feel comfortable with Kendall and Brandon. They’ll get their reads and do well.

On on how to prepare for GT

Being focused. Read your keys. Playing physical, fast. Just flying around.

On Kendall Fuller’s progress

He’s definitely a little bit further along than I thought he’d be. I think right now all I can do is stay on him and make sure he keeps coming out and getting better each day in practice. I’m pretty sure he’s doing that on his own anyway. I’ve got to do what I can to make him the best he can be.

On being 3-1

We’re definitely happy to be at 3-1. We feel good with where we’re at. We still have a lot of room to grow. And I think we’ll continue to do that as the season goes on.

On the improvement of the defense this year

Yeah, definitely. I see that after the last couple games, especially after the last game. I think we’ll grow together after the type of game we have to play, but just overall, just each week we have to go out there and get better.

On the increase in interceptions this year

We’re just going out there and preparing, finishing our plays. Nothing really different. We’re still going out there and making our plays, really.

On Vad Lee as a passer

It just adds a threat to their offense. He’s a good athlete, can run the ball. But like you said, he’s shown that he can throw the ball just as good. So we’re ready for that.

On how physical the GT game will be

Yeah, definitely. I say that every time I’ve played Georgia Tech since I’ve been here. Since Roc and them and Jayron, so yeah, I’ve been thinking about that already and I’ve been looking forward to it.


Logan Thomas

On nine consecutive incompletions against Marshall

This is the first time it’s come to my attention really. I just move on to the next one. I guess whatever happens happens, and I just have to keep going back there and doing my job.

On the difference between the TD drives and others

I guess the only thing that happens is we kind of getting that momentum going. I think starting the drive off obviously with a first down, it gets things going. I think that’s how we’re built as an offense. We’re not a big explosive play offense. We’re going to have to keep drives going, keep making drives happen. You’ve got to start it all off with a first down.

On how much of the playbook is being used

I think it’s time for us to expand, start adding in a couple more passes, a couple more runs and put a little bit more responsibility onto people. That’s really about the extent that we’ll go. It’s nothing really earth shattering, nothing anybody else wouldn’t do.

On whether GT’s defense looks improved

Yeah I think they do. They fly around. I think they feel comfortable in their new scheme underneath their new coach. Those guys have played against us for many years now, and they kind of understand, they know kind of how we’re going to play against them. We’re expecting them to be physical and tough. We’ve just got to take care of our own stuff and do what we do best and complete passes, and having a good run game away from home is what you need and we’ll be just fine.

On whether 3 or 4-man fronts are easier to attack

It probably all depends on personnel, but for us we take anything that we can get. Like coach said, odd fronts are harder on the offensive line, but it’s easier on the quarterback. The four down line is going to be tougher on me, which I would rather have the tougher job and let them be able to go play.

On whether he was sore after 23 carries against Marshall

Obviously the game plan probably wasn’t for me to have 23 carries, but as the rain started coming down I kind of knew it was coming. I wasn’t really discouraged by it. It doesn’t bother me. I’ve been there before. I’ve done it. It’s something I’m used to, but yeah I’m sore. Obviously I’ve lost about 15 pounds from where I was last year, so I feel the hits a little bit more this year.

On the short week’s impact on the offense

Not much changes for us. It’s just the pace at which we pick it up. Mondays we really didn’t do much except for overview, kind of getting screen stuff, draw stuff, just trying to put that all back in and make sure it’s fresh in our memory. So for us it’s like a regular work week, it’s just going to be shorter rest periods for us. We’ve just got to take care of our bodies, make sure we’re getting treatment in the cold tubs as much as we can so we can get back to being fresh.

On pre-snap communications

I think we’re pretty good there. We played in Atlanta where we used a silent cadence and we played at ECU where I was calling stuff out, so I think we can go in between the two of them, just depending on the noise situation. I feel fine doing either. I think the offensive line feels fine doing either, but we’ve just got to put it all together and make sure we clean all that up before the ball gets snapped.

On playing well against GT in the past

I don’t think it’s anything that I’ve done or anything that they’ve done. It’s just play well and nothing else. I always enjoy playing at Georgia Tech. Their fans get into it. Always when you play away, it’s a fun place when the fans are actually excited and ready to go, so I enjoy playing there and I obviously love playing at home in front of our fans. I don’t know if that has a direct connection, but I just enjoy playing there.

Assessing the offense through four games

I don’t think we’re where we thought we would be. We thought we’d be a little bit stronger and doing a little bit better. Obviously I think the offense is not doing as well on paper because we’re not putting up points in the red zone and the red zone is what’s killing us. We know it. We have the ability to put up more points and we haven’t done it, and that’s something we need to keep working on, keep getting better at, because honestly the red zone is the money area. That’s where you’ve got to get it done.

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  1. Comes from his old coach…B.S. (pun intended) AND Fancy Gap Frank (don’t give’em nothin’ but cliches and platitudes)

  2. not meaning to harp on LT but I wish he would explain a little bit more his miscues and such instead of just saying “I just have to go back there and do what I need to do,” or whatnot. Not sure if it’s just playing to the media or whatever but he seems sometimes like he’s just like “oh well” which is good to not let it get to him but sometimes comes off as he doesn’t fully understand what went wrong. I may be reading way to much into it but just some thoughts.

    1. He doesn’t owe you an explanation. His miscues have already been reviewed by his coaches, and they are working to get better. That’s all a player should ever say to a reporter about his own or anyone else’s miscues in my opinion.

      1. @King. Agree. The way he speaks to media is what I would expect him to do. The Tebow I vow to work the hardest BS… yea it worked for him that year. But overall not what I would expect from a quality QB. Logan is doing what he needs to do.

    2. That’s far more than you would of ever heard from a Tech QB in the past. We fans can obviously notice a lot and say that isn’t good enough. But we’ll never know the intricate details that the team hears in practice and watching film. LT did toss out a few biscuits to chew on though. Red zone, screens, draws . . .

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