TSL Poll: What Will Virginia Tech Football’s 2015 Record Be?

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Steve Sobczak
Steve Sobczak (#94) takes aim at Steven Peoples (#32) during the 2015 Spring Game (photo by Ivan Morozov)

The Hokies made it through the spring with no injuries and some encouraging signs on the offensive side of the ball. Now that spring football is over and you’ve had a chance to digest it, we ask the question: What do you think Virginia Tech’s 2015 record will be?

This is a question about the overall record … no ACC predictions, ACCG predictions, or bowl predictions.

First, a look at the schedule.

2015 Virginia Tech Football Schedule
Record: 7-6 (4-4 ACC)
Full Schedule and Results
Mon. 9/7 L (H)Ohio State 42, VT 24
Sat. 9/12 W (H)VT 42, Furman 3
Sat. 9/19 W (A)VT 51, Purdue 24
Sat. 9/26 L (A)ECU 35, VT 28
Sat. 10/3 L (H)Pitt 17, VT 13
Fri. 10/9 W (H)VT 28, NC State 13
Sat. 10/17 L (A)Miami 30, VT 20
Sat. 10/24 L (H)Duke 45, VT 43 (4OT)
Sat. 10/31 W (A)VT 26, Boston College 10
Thu. 11/12 W (A)VT 23, Georgia Tech 21
Sat. 11/21 L (H)UNC 30, VT 27 (OT)
Sat. 11/28 W (A)VT 23, UVa 20
Sat. 12/26 W (N)VT 55, Tulsa 52
Independence Bowl

Now, the poll.

What will Virginia Tech Football's regular-season record be in 2015?

  • 12-0 (4%, 94 Votes)
  • 11-1 (5%, 136 Votes)
  • 10-2 (24%, 628 Votes)
  • 9-3 (40%, 1,051 Votes)
  • 8-4 (20%, 541 Votes)
  • 7-5 (6%, 163 Votes)
  • 6-6 (1%, 29 Votes)
  • Below .500 (1%, 14 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,656

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And let us know your detailed thoughts below!

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    1. The Caps Lock button is located on the left side of the keyboard. If the little LED is lit, the caps are on….just saying

  2. 7 – 5. It is what it is. It would be nice to be wrong assuming it is the win column.

    Recruiting must improve dramatically to regain our former status, then we can dream of elite. Duke, Georgia Tech… beating VT. Impossible but a reality recently.

    1. OK. How long you been paying following the program… (not a shot, just asking) This season feels to me like ’95 or maybe ’93. In ’92 we lost 5 games by a combined total of 12 points, and that is not counting the tie with NCSU. What we were seeing with our own eyes pre-season ’93 was that this team is going to be pretty good. In ’95 we were looking even better, but to the rest of the CFB world we were perpetual losers. Times have changed and this pre-season we are on a few radar screens, but the lion’s share of the public has lost interest after a few down years. I don’t think the folks outside of the Hokie family have an inkling of how good this team will be. This feels like a 10 win season coming. Not 7-5.

  3. make a note of this, watch out for NCS. I think they will be better than UNC this year.

    1. so true, but it will be nighttime Lane-Worsham magic in the autumn air!

      Go Hokies !

  4. The majority of our losses from last year were due to:
    a) mental error
    b) forcing inexperienced players into big time roles due to injury
    c) execution on very small things
    coupled with the fact that the losses were mostly decided by one score or less (in the case of WF…one score at all 🙁

    This team now has experience, more depth, mostly returning starters, and a “get to work” ethic that shows that the mental part us being hammered by coaches who’ve promised a “rigorous offseason.” Everybody knows that these next two years or so is going to be the last hurrah and so I don’t see the complacency, malaise, or slump-iness coming back. This team can beat anyone on the schedule and I’m betting that VT makes a serious run in 2015 for the playoffs.

    1. The problem is that everyone that we lost to last year returns just as many starters as we do next year. While this team does have a number of strengths, it still has the same weaknesses. We lack size in the front 7, don’t have any size at WR, don’t have a good qb or a reliable RB and lack depth at a number of spots where one injury could crush us. Couple that with the inevitable loss to OSU and trading wake with a good ncsu team equals 7-5 to me. I’d love to be wrong but something tells me we will be having the same stupid program conversations in November.

    2. I like your optimism, but your point of “this team can beat anyone the schedule” has been there for an age now. Every year there is an excuse: injuries, poor coaching, poor previous recruiting, etc.. Last year, after beating OSU, we shouldn’t have lost to anyone else on our schedule, but we did in going down in flames fashion. While I love the Hokies as much as I’d hope to one day love a child of my own, I just have to exercise caution in my optimism. Teams like Miami, UNC, and GT all have reasons to be as much improved as the Hokies are to be this season, so we can’t overlook or underrate them. So 3 losses would be a “good” regular season to me, as long as it is to the likes of those teams. Anything less than 3 is wishful thinking, and any thinking of us being in the playoffs is pretty ludicrous. We’re looking to be improved, but the bar was also pretty low. Ending the season as a Top 25 team, in my opinion, is our realistic expectation this season. 2016, however, has more potential to be magical.

  5. Call me crazy, but I think we will beat OSU, if our guys out on IR get healthy. It’s the only game on in the slot, a Prime time night game in Lane Stadium, crazy fans, and a VT team playing the defending national champion, that itself is hungry for payback.
    I still voted we go 9-3 though. That an a bowl win will would be nice.

  6. 9-3, losses to OSU, Miami, and GT. Jackets win the Coastal, then beat FSU for the ACC title.

  7. The entire month of Sept could be brutal and VT could easily see a winless month, 0-4. Furman is no slouch and coming off a Monday night game, we’ve seen this result before (Deja vu JMU). Even though Purdue hasn’t been as tough in recent years, that game will not be a walk in the park. ECU always gets fired up for VT and that game will be very tough as well. I also think other losses wil be @ UM, @BC and @GT.

    I certainly hope VT proves me wrong. I will believe with results on the field.

    1. Wow. “Furman is no slouch”. If you could EASILY see a winless month, 0-4…..man I’m not sure why you would ever have a reason to even be on a Virginia Tech website. That would just be depressing to me. If Furman, Purdue and ECU are considered to be a daunting schedule, I’m not sure why there is even a VT website. We might as well not even have a football program….Especially an FBS, power 5 conference team lol.

      1. Lighten up Frances – it’s mere speculation. I didn’t mean to get your panties in a wad. LOLOLOL

        1. If you see 0-4 as even a possibility, I would argue that you are the one that has his panties in a wad!

  8. I don’t understand why so many are predicting losses to Miami and UNC. Based on what??? I get we haven’t been very good over the past 3 seasons, but neither have they!

    2012-14 records…
    Miami 22-16
    VT 22-17
    UNC 21-17

    I’m not “guaranteeing” victory, but based on what I’ve been from those two teams in the past, plus how well our Spring went I am “predicting” wins for both of those games.

    1. You did see the game against UM last year right? They get 4 online starters back. Power run teams kill our small D, rinse and repeat.

      1. Yeah but remember they only scored 6 points in the entire 2nd half. And in the 3rd quarter alone we had THREE red zone trips that ended in fumbles. The 3rd quarter should have ended something like VT 17 Miami 24 or 21 to 24.

        Also the dominance of their run game had a lot to do with injuries in our front 7. But I believe Maddy, Williams, Baron and I think Marshall were all out.

  9. Funny I think we either go 10+ or 7-. Better chance than 8 or 9 wins IMO. Healthy we do well…injuries (again) we struggle.

    1. It has always been and still is a great season to go 9-3 IMHO. Should be for any program to win 75% of the time. Good season = winning record. Outstanding season is 10+. Winning NC is the nuts.

    2. Bless you,but in my lifetime once six wins would have been a good year. It must be great to be so young and so spoiled. It seems a lot of folks have no clue about how thankful they should be for Frank Beamer.

      1. On reflexion without Frank there would no Whit and no Buzz. Think about that a while.

        1. VT would be ECU at best and yes I’ve pretty much had it with Beamer bashing. I’m done for now. Thanks TSL for letting me rant and trust me I believe every word of it. John Lloyd class of 71.

      2. You really don’t have to be that young and spoiled. It’s been over 20 years since we sucked and 6 wins was considered good. How much longer do we have to make a note of how grateful we are for everything Beamer has done for the program. Everyone understands it and appreciates it. Some of us would eventually like to get past all of that and take the next step up….to elite status. It may never happen, but that’s the goal. Winning a NC, right? I mean it was Beamer himself who put up the empty trophy case. Just because he took it down because it was a ridiculous and embarrassing idea doesn’t mean that’s no longer what we’re striving for.

  10. I don’t feel great about any game in the second half of the season (except UVA). I don’t expect to beat OSU again. I’m going to say 7-5.

      1. Does nothing to open any kind of real narrative. It’s just pointless speculation. Maybe a poll about who do you think VT will lose to in 2015 would be better? Not even really sure. But, most will say that OSU, GT, UNC or Miami will beat Tech. Pretty standard.

        But, I do realize that this is the off season and you have to create content, but this just seems like a pretty basic contribution.

        1. To me, it was useful as a gauge of fan sentiment. I bet the results this year are better than they were the last two years.

          1. Nearly 2/3 of fans who voted (admittedly a biased sample) think we are going to win 9 or more games next year.

        2. Seems useful to start to put the team back in comparison with other teams. The Spring game is all about internal comparisons [for me – who will play? who starts, upgrade? downgrade?] The schedule is about how we will do vs. other teams. For me, the questions now become – what’s our status vs. UNC, Miami, GT and others? Like Chris’ article on recruiting, unfortunately, the progress is not there yet for me. hoping for the best, but my over/under number is 7-5. Go Hokies!

          1. There are just too many variables to consider. Who may get injured, who is actually starting when August comes around, etc… Also, how many have done the homework on our opponents and what they are doing? OSU and Dook don’t even have QBs established…so, its speculative. Why not just say, do you thik the team will be better this year than last? That is more general, but it is more accurate than asking for specific win totals.

            Most polls are used to for polarizing conversation and getting users to come to the pages. But, this one is a pretty lazy attempt at creating conversation and not what I pay for.

    1. No way! It provides entertainment, gauges the optimism (or pessimism) of the fan base, and helps Whit & CFB know how many gallons of Kool Aid they need to prepare.

  11. I think 9-3 with losses to OSU, Miami, and GT which won’t do us much good in the Coastal. Based on history I am probably wrong on one of the losses, but unfortunately also wrong on one of the wins.

    1. You know Hokie history very well. Not TIC. We could very well beat tOSU and then lose to Furman – similar to last season with tOSU and ECU. We could lose to tOSU and also lose to Furman – it’s happened before with Boise State and JMU – then go undefeated the rest of the season. Someone on the football forum when tailgating for a Duke game texted, “time for us to lay our annual t*rd” and is prophecy was correct.

      9-3 prediction is equal parts optimism and long-term reality but may also be the result of viewing recent history thru orange and maroon glasses.

  12. My heart says 12-0 or 11-1. I am worried about the possibility of injuries affecting us, especially on the offensive line – and, I don’t want to jinx us!

    1. This was my thinking in general. To me, the 4 most talented teams we play are oSu, UM, UNC, GT. I say we go 2-2 in those games, and win the others. But, it’s also just as likely that we go 3-1 against those teams and drop one to Pitt or BC. As a range, I think 8-4 to 10-2, is good. 10 would be surprising.

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