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It's simple really. It comes down to a few things

1. The ACC schools with "historic" programs need to rise back to that level. Schools like FSU, Miami and Clemson (who is already there) need to get their swag back. This would give the ACC 3 national name legit contenders and make the annual "Clemson vs. FSU" and "Miami vs. FSU" must see TV again.

2. Some combination of VT, UNC (ugh), GT and Pitt need to move into that top group to challenge Miami on equal footing in the Coastal every year. VT would be the best option. (And since this is a Hokie board, let's go with that). That would give the ACC a fourth potential contender, make "Miami vs. VT" must see TV as well AND imagine the ACC Champ game being something few conferences have today - two contenders at the peaks dueling it out (Clemson/VT, FSU/VT, Clemson/Miami, FSU/Miami part deux). Can it be done? Well look at Clemson. While they had some history behind them, they have FAR exceeded their past reputation. VT took that big leap under Beamer why not the next step?

3. The smaller privates need to be more like Northwestern and less like Vandy lol. The ACC does not need Duke or Wake to become Alabama. In fact, that would be THE WORST thing that could happen. They should never see the ACCCG again, along with BC. But they must invest enough to become solid middle-tier programs (like Duke under Cutcliff) and win some decent OOC games and bowls.

Think about the B1G. They have top tier programs: OSU, McChicken and PSU. When they play each other it's must see TV. Their next tier is more than solid: Wisky, Sparty, Iowa on occasion. (Nebraska has fallen off the face of the Earth!) They have their boring bottom too. Does anyone care about Rutgers, MD, Minnesota, NW, Indiana, Purdue? Not really but some of these program have their years and hold their own OOC as often as not.

The ACC does not need to cut Duke and Wake. We don't need another team (unless it's a blockbuster like ND). We simply need the awesome programs we have to be awesome again.

How? Well, that's the trick. It's a combination of making the right coaching hires (Dabo!), better marketing, better recruiting investments, better fan experiences. An all out focus on football. We need to make the 5 ACC games on ND's schedule the toughest part, not the easiest. We get on that track and the money will come.

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