2014 Virginia Tech Football Recruit Scouting Reports

This page links to scouting reports (TSL Pass articles) for all of Virginia Tech’s 2014 football signees. “ETA” refers to TSL staff’s opinion on when the recruit will be ready/needed to contribute at their position (not just on special teams).

Pos.PlayerETAScouting Report
QBAndrew Ford2014 or 2015Click here
QBChris Durkin2015Click here
RBShai McKenzie2015Click here
RBMarshawn Williams2014Click here
WRIsaiah Ford2014Click here
WRCam Phillips2014Click here
WRJaylen Bradshaw2015 or 2016Click here
WRKendrick Holland2015 or 2016Click here
OLTyrell Smith2016Click here
OLColt Pettit2016Click here
OLEric Gallo2014 or 2015Click here
OLBilly Ray Mitchell2015Click here
TEXavier Burke2016Click here
DEVinny Mihota2014 or 2015Click here
DTRicky Walker2014 or 2015Click here
DTKevin Bronson2015Click here
DTSteve Sobczak2015Click here
LB/DEMelvin Keihn2016Click here
LBRaymon Minor2015Click here
CBGreg Stroman2016Click here
DBTerrell Edmunds2016Click here
DBCJ Reavis2015 or 2016Click here
DBTravon McMillian2015 or 2016Click here
DBShawn Payne2016Click here