Scouting Report: Colt Pettit

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Colt Pettit

Height: 6-4
Weight: 260
3-star recruit by 247Sports, #38 OG overall, #31 player in OH

Colt Pettit has a very impressive highlight film.  The best one available is on his profile, which is linked here.  Pettit has many traits that are ideal for a quality interior lineman at the ACC level.

Aggressiveness: Many high school offensive linemen get by because of their imposing size or athletic ability, rather than their aggressiveness (Nick Acree, Korren Kirven and Zack McCray are examples).  Not so with Pettit.  He goes after people, and seems to enjoy hurting other people (which is a good trait for a football player…I don’t mean it in a bad way).

Physicality: When Petit gets on a defensive linemen, he stays on him and doesn’t stop until the play is over.  Pancakes are his specialty.  Despite his lack of size, Pettit looks pretty strong on film.

Blocking in space: Pettit has the foot quickness to be an excellent run blocker in space.  He can get out in space on screens, and he has no trouble executing screens and traps.

Effort: Pettit doesn’t take plays off, and he finishes the play.  He keeps his feet moving and continues to drive defenders away from the ball.

Leverage: Pettit plays pretty low for a high school lineman, which allows him to gain leverage over defenders at the snap.  When you combine that with the fact that he’s so much tougher and more aggressive than everybody else on the field, that explains why he has so many pancake blocks.

Redirection: Pettit can redirect his body very quickly to take on defenders coming from unexpected angles.  That is a very important trait for offensive linemen that often gets overlooked.  See the second play of his highlight film, when he has to redirect his body to the left while pulling to take on a linebacker blitzing through the A-gap.

Like Tyrell Smith, who we talked about yesterday, Pettit’s biggest drawback is his size.  He’s not big enough to contribute early in his college career.  While his film is better than that of many offensive linemen ranked ahead of him, he simply isn’t as advanced physically at this stage.  He’ll be spending a lot of time with Mike Gentry over the next couple of years.

Size is often the biggest difference between a 3-star offensive line prospect and a 5-star guy.  The 5-star guys and most of the 4-star guys are often