Tech-Wisconsin series pushed back

The Virginia Tech-Wisconsin series has been pushed back, and it has been replaced by a series against an unnamed major non-conference opponent, according to AD Jim Weaver.

Wisconsin will play LSU in Lambeau Field in 2016, and ESPN requested that Tech push back their series with the Badgers so this game could be accommodated.  Jim Weaver agreed.  Tech will now play at Wisconsin in 2019, with the return trip to Blacksburg in 2020.  A major non-conference opponent will replace the Badgers in 2016 and 2017.

Tech’s future schedule against major non-conference schools is now expected to look like this…

2014: at Ohio State
2015: Ohio State (possibly a Monday night Labor Day game)
2016: unnamed major conference opponent
2016: at Notre Dame
2017: unnamed major conference opponent
2019: at Wisconsin
2020: Wisconsin
2020: at Michigan
2021: Michigan
2021: at West Virginia
2022: West Virginia

Tech has at least one major non-conference opponent each season except 2018.  Conventional wisdom would suggest that 2018 is the year in which Notre Dame will make their first trip to Lane Stadium, though that has not been announced by the ACC.

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  1. I vote for UK. I live in Lexington and my son is a UK frosh (just student – not a player) starting in three weeks. It would be good warm-up for trips to Louisville. Good name, but completely beatable. Close for travel. A perfect competitor.

    Also, my daughter goes to school with the Calipari kids. I have been lobbying him for a basketball series but he always defers; saying that he and Seth are friends or that VT would be another tough game. Maybe now with JJ, I can go back in and get it lined up. If it ever happens; I am TOTALLY taking credit for it.

  2. You can expect an announcement of the replacement for Wisconsin in the near future, followed at some point by an announcement of an additional home and home series with a BCS conference opponent that is long overdue. I predict that Hokie fans will be quite pleased with both announcements. Finally, I expect Chris’ conventional wisdom to become reality.

    1. Sure seems alot of people know what the games are…not exactly top secret…: > (
      so spill!

    1. Not Notre Dame. Those games are handled through the ACC. However, you can plan on seeing the Irish play in Lane before the decade is over.

  3. ESPN could have made the VT-Wisconsin game the big event that LSU-Wisconsin is….

  4. No way Michigan and Wisconsin in 2020 and Michigan and WVU in 2021. I anticipate an upcoming announcement that the Michigan series has also been pushed back.

  5. I have to think and hope that it is Penn State.
    Weaver will retire in a couple of years or sooner and it would be a shame if he wasn’t able to set up this series vs his alma mater.
    We will be heavily recruiting Pa. in the future and adding PSU to Ptt and Syracuse can’t hurt.
    PSU has a greater need to schedule a big name opponent that they think they can defeat in the post Jopa era.
    They finish their Hoo series and pick up a Hokie home and away.
    I say why not?

    1. I am thinking the same way you are about the un-named major game. Paterno is dead and there is an entirely new administration so they can think out of the box and schedule a program they should have been playing occasionally all along.

  6. C’mon Chris…spill your guts. Who did we pick up? If you can’t tell us, do you at least know about when we can expect to find out?

    1. He is probably under a gag order. Knowledge like that often comes at a price.

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