Hokies to play Penn State

Press release from HokieSports.com…

Virginia Tech Director of Athletics Jim Weaver and Penn State Director of Athletics Dave Joyner Wednesday announced that the Hokies and Nittany Lions have signed a contract to play a home-and-home football series beginning in 2022.

The contract will start with the 2022 game being played in Blacksburg on Sept. 17, and the second year of the deal will take place in 2023 in State College, Pa., on Sept. 16.

“I am very pleased that we have been able to negotiate a home and home football series with Penn State,” Weaver said. “I think this will be a series that our fans will look forward to since this is another Big Ten team. Over the next 10 years, we will be playing Ohio State, Wisconsin, Michigan and Penn State.”

Despite having campuses located less than 375 miles apart, Virginia Tech and Penn State have never met in football. The Hokies have played Temple (14-3), Pitt (7-5), Villanova (5-0), Penn (1-1), Bucknell (0-1) and Waynesburg (1-0) from The Keystone State, earning a cumulative 28-10 on-field record.

Weaver earned bachelor’s (1967) and master’s degrees (1968) from Penn State, playing center and linebacker for the Nittany Lions. A native of Harrisburg, Weaver began his coaching career with the Nittany Lions and was an assistant coach from 1969-72, coaching Joyner during that time at offensive tackle.

The Hokies have played just three current members of the Big Ten in program history: Indiana, Michigan and Nebraska. The Hokies have never played Illinois, Iowa, Michigan State, Minnesota, Northwestern, Ohio State, Penn State, Purdue or Wisconsin, although dates with Ohio State (2014, 2015), Wisconsin (2019, 2020), Michigan (2020, 2021) and now Penn State are on the future schedule.

Tech has a 3-2 all-time on-field record vs. current Big Ten teams: Indiana (1-0), Nebraska (2-1), Michigan (0-1).

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  1. Agree with Baysise. “Incite” ?? Really? If the phrase, “Weaver screws up again” incites anybody, that’s who Will and Chris should be wagging a finger at IMO.

    1. That’s not the point … the point is that Reston Hokie2 has reached the point where he no longer says anything about whatever news item is being discussed. All he does is fuss at other posters. The act is beyond thin.

      1. Really then how about the poster back in February who posted on an article on this web site about another basketball game the team lost. He opened with the comment “fire Weaver” then went on to describe how the loss was Weaver’s.
        Where were you or Chris when this thing happened.

        This is the first post where i was not responding to someone’s idiotic post. I happened to be on this site when the article popped up. As a result i was the first poster and i got carried away, and Chris’ reply stoked my fires.

        As far as your comment … “the point is that Reston Hokie2 has reached the point where he no longer says anything about whatever news item is being discussed”. Really, in just about every news article several people find reason to make negative comments about previous coaches, players, etc. Are these kind of posts staying on subject?

        There are also times when both you and Chris in your writings encourage negative comments. At what point are you reporting the new or making the news?

  2. Wow, all the back and forth stuff has been a hoot. I wish We could play Penn State sooner, rather than later. Hell, they’ll be back to being Penn State by the time Tech gets ahold of em. I’d prefer to play them now when they’re lower than a snake, and kick the crap out of them. They’ve stolen some great recruits from us over the years. I’d also like to schedule a series with Southern Cal in 2050 and 2051, that would be neat.

  3. I didn’t realize Weaver played for PSU. He get’s a + 1 in my book. I give Weaver a break for having Parkinson’s.

  4. I just hope I live long enough and my health holds up to be able to attend those games when I am in my late 70s. It is about time.

  5. Michigan (0-1)??? Didn’t we win that game?

    It was a catch!

    (Yes, I’m still carrying that around)

      1. You got that right — I’ll never get over us getting highway robbed on that game.

      1. As soon as I saw the ref with the glasses, I knew we were in trouble. Didn’t that crew ref the notorious “stomp” bowl game vs. Louisville? PAC-10 (12) officials are the worst.

  6. wow, talk about going back in time. It must feel little weird when the AD at the other school is a kid you coached long time ago.

    1. how about weaver too….he played for JoePa, and tried for years to get a series with PSU, but Paterno would never play us.

  7. Great! Hmmmm….what about the 2016-17 major opponent? Is that separate or was PSU expected to be it, and was moved back?

  8. Oh wow, Weaver screws up again!!! or not. Lying on his death bed, he is able to schedule a team that VT fans have been howling for years to play. As the executive in charge of a $40+ Million organization this man gets an A in my book. What he has built during his tenure as AD will serve the University and it’s alumni and fans for decades to come.

      1. And in what way was i inciting others???????? and how does my inciting compare to the intense negative attacks on Weaver, and the football coaches on this site??? Me thinks your comment is unfair when compared to the negative comments. Is it because you are sympathetic to those who post negative comments? Yessssss?

        1. jackofalltrades the point of my first post was sarcasm toward those who take every opportunity, i mean every opportunity to blast Jim Weaver. My second post was aimed at Chris’ comment which i felt was uncalled for given the negative Jim Weaver posts that have appeared here in the past. My third post well it is what it is.

          1. Agree with Reston. Albeit the death bed part probably was not needed. Chris responding the way he did is doing more to incite others.

    1. Why did you post this, Reston Hokie2? The article is a press release about an upcoming series ten years from now. Why jump in, use a lot of inflammatory language, and go on some strange rant? Nobody said anything — you’ve reached the point where you’re ranting even when there’s no reason to.

      1. REALLY … i am ranting now because of Chris’ post. And how many posts do the people like me have to endure from the bed wetters on this web site who have taken every opportunity to blast everyone associated with VT sports? Weaver most of all.

        Perhaps i should have waited for someone to make a derogatory comment about Weaver regarding the news about playing Penn St.

        These same people were probably expecting Slippery Rock Teachers College.
        And, they take every opportunity to blast Weaver’s health and how there is a crying need to get him out.

        Has any one stopped and thought for a moment Weaver may be hanging on to his AD job because to do otherwise is to give in to his medical condition and die?

        What i have heard on this site is he only works 1/2 days. I think a more accurate description is he is in the office 1/2 days. No one knows how many hours he works from home. Or, he may simply get his job done in 4 hours what takes others 8 hours or more.

        In his time at VT I feel that Weaver has done a class A job, and i take offense to others who bash him without having any FACTS as opposed to

        1. I’m confused. How is Reston’s compliment of Weaver’s performance inciting anything? I saw it as a positive comment regarding the program. I agree with him and Steve that Chris came out of nowhere with a left hook.

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