Virginia Tech And East Carolina Officially Cancel Series

Virginia Tech and East Carolina officially cancelled all future games between 2020 and 2025, according to a joint statement from both schools on Monday night.

The future of the series was already in doubt, with the Hokies pulling out of games at ECU in 2019, 2023 and 2025 back in December of 2018.  The Pirates later cancelled their trip to Blacksburg in 2020.  Two games remained at Virginia Tech in 2022 and 2024, but now those games have been cancelled as well.

The future schedules page on has been updated to reflect these changes.

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  1. The most logical replacements from geographic and strength of schedule standpoints should be USNA and Temple.

  2. I am surprised nobody has mentioned Charlotte (UNCC). Very fertile recruiting area. They used to be on our schedule, but then they were dropped. Don’t ever remember hearing a reason why. But anyways, they were willing to get their butts kicked by Clemson, why not to a lesser degree by VT? Would help the NC2VT cause!

  3. South Carolina already has Clemson on the schedule every year. Additionally they have played UNC either every year or a few years recently. I doubt they would be interested in adding a series with VT. I would personally love it being in Charlotte.

  4. The ECU series was cancelled due to them taking it upon themselves to right the game off before we decided to cancel. It was our game to cancel not theirs. This clearly cost us a lot of money as it turns out. To make matters worse they rescheduled with State instead of VT. They got what they deserved as we could not count on them as a long term trust worthy scheduling partner anymore. With that said the series was mutually beneficial. We both lost in this. They lost a great traveling regional rival that sold tickets for them every other year and a drivable regional away game. We lost a great traveling regional team and long time regional rival series that was more competitive than we probably wanted. We lost another chance for our fans to see the Hokies play in a drivable game and one far closer to our tidewater fan base than Blacksburg. Both programs were on fairly even footing prior to VT’s Big East entry. It’s quite a shame for both programs but I totally support Whit for doing what unfortunately had to be done.

    1. Ahhhhhh… someone speaking with logic rather than with emotion. Duro gets it and gets it correctly.

      ECU was a competitive and beneficial series for us, they were relevant enough of a program on the landscape of college football, and it kept us in the state of North Carolina which has become a new and necessary in-state battle ground for us and Fuente.

      This Is a flat loss for the HOKIES people…… But on principal…….we have to following Whit’s lead and walk away from this deal. But make no mistake, financially and fundamentally as a program this hurts us more than ECU and its another game South Eastern Hokies no longer can plan on getting to within a 7 to 8hr span.

      1. No it hurts us not at all. We play UNC & Duke, every year Wake and NC State occasionally . Pretty sure they are in North Carolina. There was never anything to be gained playing ECU. Even before they pulled their little cancellation hoax. In time we will finds a far better opponent.

  5. I won’t lose any sleep of this series being cancelled. ECU’s fault so they can live with it. LIfe goes on.

  6. I get that a multi game series year in and year lessens the scheduling burden on the athletic department, but for the fans it is boring. Who wants to watch us play ECU, ODU, or anyone else who is out of conference every year. Mix it up!

    1. I don’t see the logic here. We play Wake, William & Mary, VMI, and JMU for years. ODU has shown to be extremely competitive to both UVA and Tech and will eventually beat one of us again and is much better than JMU, W&M, VMI, and Wake. Why does everyone poop on ODU?

  7. Schedule “non-conference” acc games w Louisville, NCSU, and others we only see once a decade.

    1. Louisville already plays Kentucky every year and FSU plays UF every year. Why would they schedule VT as an OOC? And if NC State was going to schedule an OOC, it would probably be Duke, not VT.

  8. We already play a minimum of 2 North Carolina schools each year. No need for ECU or any other school from that state. That series benefited us 15 years ago. Since joining the ACC, it has been useless.

  9. Hopefully we replace them with different teams each year. Add a little variety to the schedule. We already have ODU pretty much every year.

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