Michigan Cancels Football Series with Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech football
Virginia Tech and Justin Fuente have a couple of holes to fill on their upcoming schedules, thanks to Michigan. (Photo by Ivan Morozov)

Michigan Athletics announced on Thursday that the Wolverines have canceled their upcoming football series with Virginia Tech, agreeing to pay Tech a cancellation fee of $375,000.

The series, which was slated for the 2020 and 2021 seasons, could be revived at a later date but is dead for now. Michigan’s press release says on the matter, “potential future dates to be discussed at a later date.”

Virginia Tech now has two openings in their 2020 and 2021 schedules. Looking at the TechSideline.com future football schedules page, the Hokies’ non-conference slate in 2021 should be a little easier now, with Tech avoiding having to play Michigan, West Virginia and Notre Dame all in the same season. Tech’s non-conference opponents for 2020 are now Liberty, Penn State and East Carolina.

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  1. Maybe we could schedule an ACC school not on the current rotation as a non-conference game. Had the ACC gone to a 9 game schedule, we could drop a Liberty or ODU. Then we would only have to worry about 3 non-conference opponents each year. I had much rather be beaten by a Power 5 Conference school than some one sneaking up on us.

  2. It’s another fallout resulting from beating The OSU at the Horseshoe!!
    Fear can be a terrible thing!
    Hopefully, in the future, Whit will have a sliding scale of significantly increasing cost of canceling a game the closer you get to the playing date.

  3. Oklahoma, Texas, or Texas A&M please! My son goes to Oklahoma… they are great fans!!

  4. C’mon folks…think. This is a good thing.

    Both teams had TWO tough OOC conference games (UM also had Washington both years and VT had Penn State & WVU) scheduled for 2020 and 2021, so canceling this (and likely just postponing) probably works for both teams – EXCEPT Michigan also is paying VT $375k to do so.

  5. Really wish we would get Tennessee and West Virginia regularly on our schedule.

    Hokies really ought to be playing them both home and away annually, and limit the rinky dinks.

  6. As my oldest son (a current Buckeye) texted me last night – “They scared!”

  7. I think Whit has done a fabulous job overall, but he has really disappointed me with playing ODU every year but twice between now and 2030. What was he thinking? We’ve got nothing to gain, because sooner or later they will beat us. ( just like UVA will too eventually ) I live in 757, and it would be nice to see us play without a 6 hour drive and two night minimum, but their stadium is very small, and there won’t be many visitor tickets sold. Not to mention their campus is in a rough area. Get us out of this ridiculous contract Whit!

  8. An Ohio State friend of mine warned me they would pull this. They’re terrified of playing teams like us.

  9. The fear of Danny Coale revenge 10 yr later still still strikes to the heart of Ann Arbor.

  10. so McChicken now has an opening in ’20 and ’21. some college somewhere has to fill those openings. whoever’s schedule they drop from will be looking for a “new dance partner.”
    if that doesn’t work: i wouldn’t mind seeing memphis (chromed tiger helmets? hmmm), maryland revenge (although i’ll hate the return game in collegePark), tennessee (“restart” the much-desired ooc border war), usc-e, florida, or lsu.

    Go Hokies!

  11. One thing for sure, Harbaugh will not be Michigan’s coach by the time Michigan was to have played us anyway. He will likely be out the door in about 10 months.

    1. Michicken does it again. It will be very interesting to see who they schedule to replace us.

  12. Am hopeful that a comparable opponent will replace Mich but I am doubtful. I would prefer that we only have games against FBS teams not named ECU, ODU, Liberty, or WVU. Will never happen but a series with a PAC 12 team is my preference.

  13. Wisconsin did the same thing several years back. When they got a chance to really think about it they decided to run instead of fight. Let’s see if PSU fulfills their obligation.

    1. Wisconsin is still on the schedule for 2024-25. So far, that series was only delayed, not cancelled.

  14. Guess they didn’t want to give us a second chance of being credited with a catch.

    1. Yeah, I would like that, show it about 20 times during the game.

      “His pinkie wiggled”

      “No it di’nt”

      “Yes, it did”!

  15. Let’s book TN as we are only 4 hours apart and they have generally sucked lately 🙂

        1. No, VT beat themselves. Tennessee just happened to be in the stadium at the time…

    1. Dooley, is that you? The only non ACC team I’d be ok with playing is ECU. Personally, I don’t even care if we play WF. They’re to small.

  16. I wonder if Harbaugh Michickened out or if it was an athletics department decision? I hope all the other Big 10 teams on our future schedules stay committed. Hopefully, we can get a quality opponent to replace them but that will likely be difficult. Maybe BYU has an opening? Maybe UNLV since their AD worked for Whit and wants a home and home. Vegas would be an interesting place to visit.

    1. I’d love a home and home with BYU or Utah, as I’m living in Utah, lol. But seriously eother would be a cool matchup for tech. In the end I hope it’s a powert 5 opponent.

  17. We need to take that $375,000 & use it to buy out the Liberty & ODU games. We have no business playing those schools in football. They are no won games for VT.

    1. Playing in state games may help with recruiting, espcially going close to 757 for @ODU games.

      1. If we need to be near 757 for recruiting purposes, then continue to play ECU. They are close to Tidewater, and the tailgating is great when playing at their place.

  18. Not gonna be easy to fill w a quality opponent at this late date. We will prob end up w a Directional Michigan or whoever we can get. Maybe it will be something like Central Florida or South Florida.

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