Virginia Tech Football Announces Future Series With Vanderbilt

Virginia Tech Football has announced a series with Vanderbilt, to be played in 2024 in Nissan Stadium in Nashville and 2025 in Lane Stadium.

This series fulfills the “SEC opponent to be named later” provision announced in a major future football schedules update from October 31st.

“Playing Vanderbilt in Nashville, in the relative near term, provides a drivable destination for our fans in a major market with a strong Tech alumni base,” Virginia Tech Director of Athletics Whit Babcock said in a press release. “Vanderbilt should also be a nice draw and addition to our ticket packages in Blacksburg.”

Virginia Tech is now scheduled to play three SEC opponents in the next 18 seasons: Vanderbilt in 2024 and 2025, Ole Miss in 2032 and 2037, and Alabama in 2034 and 2035. Here’s a look at Virginia Tech’s future out of conference Power 5 opponents, as well as BYU and Notre Dame.

2020 Sep. 12 Penn StateN/A
2021 Oct. 9 Notre Dame Sep. 18 West Virginia
2022 Sep. 24 West VirginiaN/A
2023 Sep. 9 Purdue Sep. 16 Rutgers
2024 Sep. 21 Rutgers Aug. 31 Vanderbilt (Nissan Stadium)
2025 Aug. 30 Vanderbilt Sep. 6 Penn State
2026 Sep. 26 BYU Sep. 19 Maryland
2027 Sep. 18 Maryland Nov. 6 Notre Dame
2028 Nov. 4 Notre Dame Sep. 16 Maryland
2029 Sep. 15 Maryland Sep. 8 Arizona
2030 Aug. 30 Arizona Sep. 14 BYU
2031 Sep. 12 WisconsinN/A
2032 Sep. 4 Ole Miss Sep. 18 Wisconsin
2033TBD Notre Dame
2034 Sep. 2 AlabamaTBD
2035TBD Sep. 1 Alabama
2036 Sep. 1 Notre Dame (Labor Day)TBD
2037TBD Sep. 5 Ole Miss

The full future football schedules can be viewed here.

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  1. Oh oh! The ghost of Ashley Lee is going to have two more interceptions that he returns for TD’s!

  2. Nashville is the home of Goo Goo clusters. Any trip to Nashville should include consumption of this local delicacy.

    1. also HQ of Southern Baptist Convention, Grand Ole Opera, and Belmont College, Amy Grant’s undergrad

  3. I like seeing the likes of Rutgers and Vanderbilt on the schedule. Alabama has never played a road game vs a P5 opponent since the CFP started and may finish their season with zero wins vs a final ranked team this yr and could still make the CFP.

    If the goal is to play games recruits like to play, mayne go 50/50 or worse vs top notch teams, then continue to bring in Penn St to the sched. If we wanna make a CFP, it is make the ACC title gm and hope to win it after running the tables. Just depends what the goal is…I, for sure, would love to make a CFP

  4. Yes, in my backyard!! If you haven’t been you will enjoy Nashville. Plus playing against a SEC team, Yes, I know it is Vanderbilt

    1. I have wonderful memories of Hokie domination in Nashville. Any game where VT stonewalls the Crimson Tide is glorious.

  5. Excellent choice for fans. Nashville is a great city to visit. Playing at the NFL stadium is a huge bonus.

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