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Maybe it does

maybe it doesn't. Who knows? You are correct it does happen on both sides. Remember in the movie "Moneyball" where they brought the player in and released him, quick and and to the point, Pete had his chance to act like an adult but chose not too. As a coach myself at the high school level I talk to kids all the time about school choices. I have had to cut kids from my team countless times in 25 years of coaching, never have I not talked to that kid face to face to explain to them why they were cut. Granted some of them did not like it, but at least they knew I had the courage to talk to them and ALL of them appreciated that i did talk to them. It is my opinion that athletes are better served by coaches who are upfront and honest with their athletes and can communicate with them and their families. They are in the business of winning I get it, but all coaches also have a responsibility of developing character in their athletes. A coaches influence on their athletes can be life changing for that kid. Teach them to be fierce competitors, relentless workers and good people who treat others as they would want themselves treated. For them to get the best out of their athletes the kids today have to believe their coach is in their corner. As a parent I want the kind of coach who can be honest with my kid face to face! I believe we have found that in Ashley Obrest. Maybe there is a family out there who has a daughter that is considering VT. Would they want their child playing for this coach?? That is completely up for them to decide but details of how this guy operates could help their decision. If that is the case then the story helped someone! It is my opinion this story reveals a character flaw in your coach. The one person in my opionion this story can help the MOST is PETE D'AMOUR! We all have made mistakes in life and hopefully we learn from them.
Merry CHRISTmas and happy New Year to you and your family!!
Sincerely Billy Knight

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