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The facts

I am the young lady in questions father. I want everyone to know the facts. If you do not believe me then I encourage you to talk to D'Amour. I will say upfront we DID NOT go to the paper, the paper contacted us!! Our ONLY gripe was not that he dropped our daughter but the way he treated her. The day after the new coach was hired I immediately called Corn and asked him where our daughter stood with VT. We know how the game is played. My wife and I were both collegiate athletes. When there is a coaching change these things happen, EVERYBODY knows this. Corn contacted Pete and called me back, that day or the next not exactly sure, telling us our daughter was still a Hokie! What a relief! If he would have not have kept her we were prepared for that. We had the entire summer to find another school. My daughter was in constant contact with Pete through the summer as he would text to see how she was doing. The week before she received the email, and you read it if you read the article, we all (my wife, daughter, and myself) talked to him face to face. This was at the Legacy tournament in Atlanta. The TRUTH is not somewhere in between I can ASSURE you of that!! The man if you want to call him that had a chance to do the right thing. He chose to wait till the LAST tourney of the summer (PGF Nationals) to let us know. Let me ask you this, if you had some news that you knew was gonna crush a kid, remember she is not an adult, would you tell them via e-mail??? You can take the "self serving and sour grapes" remark and shove it up your ___! Your "coach" treated a kid like a piece of meat. You may be surprised at the writing off VT comment. I will not put words in Corn's mouth but he treated one of John Corn's favorite players, a girl who has traveled 4 to 5 hours ONE WAY for 6 YEARS to his practices since she was 11 like garbage. Pretty sure he will not forget THAT! She did not bash anyone, she simply told the TRUTH!! You are right about one thing it will be interesting when BC and VT hook up...too bad she is not a pitcher who throws 70 MPH!

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