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Seems to me.....

there are really two or three different tracks to the conversation depending how an individual chooses to approach a network. One track is what drives overall interest in a network and that is absolutely the major revenue sports. The second track is what really makes a network viable and that is total content. Even as good as the SEC and B10 are in the majors without other nonrevs, different content and programming, etc. a network is not viable. The third track is what drives value and that hinges on several factors including the potential subscriber base, the in market geographic footprint as well as the national appeal and the carriage rates that can be commanded.

I think as far as the ACC is concerned there are still a variety of questions yet to be answered and at the top of the list is money and subscribers with Comcast's upcoming negotiation being at the top of the list. Related is the coming lookin and what Jim Phillips and the conference may or may not be able to do in terms of adjusting given the long term nature of the deal. On the production side I think your observations are correct and it is disappointing given that the delay should have been an advantage in learning from other's mistakes as well as understanding where the production bar was really set. The questions that must be answered are why this happened and what can be done to fix it because long term it is obvious adjustments have to be made. I said this in another post but, I think it bears repeating. What portion of the why might be virus related or due to other things not necessarily controllable and what portion is league and/or ESPN driven due to ineptitude, attitude or focus/goals. I think ESPN/Disney was the best distribution alternative in terms of reach and realistically everybody knew the SEC got top billing given their football. The question that will be answered ongoing is whether the breadth of the ESPN reach is more of an advantage to the ACC than being #2 is a hindrance. Lots of questions that still remain to be answered IMO.

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