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I agree more unknowns at this point than maybe ever. The NIL is here, but

how will it be managed. I think either the B12 or PAC survives, but not both. Lately it had been trending toward the B12, but with Larry Scott leaving that's a real game changer for the PAC. They now can get a deal with ESPN or Fox. If that happens, I don't see a B12 teams being left out. I think some go to the PAC and some go to the other 3. WVU in the SEC or ACC would create great rivalry games. We are trending towards ratings over cable hook ups and schools like WVU can play in the ratings game, but struggle in the cable hook ups game.

I have seen no sentiment for the P-5 to want a single G-5 in the playoff. I do think the G-5 is coming to the reality that they need a National Champion of their own. James Madison and North Dakota are well known names across the country now and that was not the case 20 years ago. Not just in the championship game either for JMU, the replay of their Game Day Show with Corso wearing the James Madison outfit has been constant by ESPN. ESPN needs as much live TV as they can and playoffs and National Championships bring better ratings.

As far as expanding the playoff the Power Conference Presidents have said over and over again, they don't want more games. They don't have to have them either. Go to a P-4 and take Conference Champions only and you have your 8 game playoff. Use the Quad/Quad crossover system in conferences and teams will play each other more often, but still have plenty of regular season games to play a National Schedule if they want to play a National Schedule like Notre Dame needs to. It also builds some great every year rival games into the regular season. ESPN and if Fox stays in College Football want ratings during the year. ND and USC still draw ratings and they need those matchups to sell commercials and negotiate other revenue streams.

PS I was involved with NASCAR when they had the mission of breaking away from being a Southeastern sport about 20 years ago. They built tracks across the nation to pull people in. College Football has a similar problem with the Southeast dominating the sport. The Conference Champions of the P-4 would change that over night. Win your Quad/Quad matchup and you are in whether you play in Northeast, Midwest, Northwest etc. That's not the case now and that has a huge effect on kids leaving Michigan to go play for Alabama for instance. That's not good for TV ratings. Same teams going every year gets old. We need to make College Football a national sport again to get ratings up and feed the beast as the saying goes.

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