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So why does the WWE Network moving to Peacock matter to this board??????

Yesterday, the WWE announced that they were moving their over the top network from their own app to the Comcast-NBC-Universal app Peacock. This is a VERY big deal as the streaming/pay TV landscape is beginning to take shape.

I see a future scenario where the linear cable/satellite video services are going to die a slow fade into irrelevance and the streaming services are ultimately going to take over. The marketplace is already taking shape:
- Netflix
- Amazon Prime Video
- Hulu
- HBO Max (Warner Media/AT&T)
- Disney + (ABC/ESPN/Disney)
- Peacock (Comcast/NBC)
- Paramount + (CBS)
- Apple TV
- Discovery +
- Others (YouTube TV, Sling, Fubo, ETC)

It is pretty clear that the migration of live sports to the streaming services will be the ultimate undoing of the cable bundle. With the WWE partnering with Comcast via Peacock and the pending end of the NBCSN, it is pretty clear where Comcast thinks things are going. Look for more Olympic sports and other NBC properties like the Premier Leage and NASCAR to find much more airtime on Peacock.

ESPN will likely have a similar strategy. Already, they are pushing most of their UFC content to ESPN+ and recently enjoyed their largest PPV buy for the Conor McGregor fight. The fact that they exclusively now own all of the ACC, SEC, and Longhorn Network content will see the push to ESPN+ move forward as the home for college sports.

Paramount + and Warner Media will likely fight it out as to who gets some March Madness rights on HBO Max or Paramount +.

You can see where this is all going...

For the first time ever, I actually do not think the ACC Network will get carriage on Comcast cable. I think Comcast will tell Disney that they are reducing video spectrum and are moving to an over the top model...Soon linear will only have news and business networks with some other content sprinkled in. I don't have any inside info on this but with the dumping of NBCSN, I have a hard time thinking that Comcast will want to dump their own network for one owned by Disney.

This is also why the Pac12 changed leadership. Their network has been a huge bust because it does not have carriage on a linear network or one of the major streaming options. That got Larry Scott fired. Period.

This is the same reason why I see Disney choosing to consolidate their conference options to only an SEC and ACC model. That ACC model will likely ultimately include Notre Dame and Texas. (This is again, just a gut feel, but I think it will happen). The Longhorn Network will go away and get folded into the ACCN. Notre Dame will eventually get a package that they cannot refuse and will join as a full member. It was likely very good for ACC business that ND made the college football playoff in their only year as an ACC member.

A few years ago, I told this board to watch the WWE to see where the wind was blowing. I am telling this board the same thing again today.

Posted: 01/26/2021 at 2:38PM


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