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I'm not sure who you were listening to, but they were blowing smoke up your

1. Regular season--it won't be ruined. It will just be different. You and I prefer the old way, but let's see what happens. I will say this, the Kick 6 wouldn't have the same effect under this system tho.

2. Bowl games--the bowl games were already a "who cares". I watched them of course because I will watch any college football game at any level. But the pre-BCS bowl games were much better. New Years Day football used to be appointment viewing. In the last two decades, it's an after thought--exhibition games mostly. To be honest, the Big Ten and the SEC should just be called the Power 2. The other three conferences aren't on their plane.

3. Power conferences other than the SEC--they actually make out on the deal. When's the last time the Pac12 has had a team in the CFP? And the ACC is so bad, if Clemson slips, we would be in the same boat as the Pac12 is now.

4. There will be plenty to talk about on this board. Access to the CFP isn't the only factor in conference realignment. Sure, Notre Dame won't be joining the ACC. But who cares? I'd prefer schools who want to be here, like WVU. And Notre Dame shouldn't be our obsession.

A few other points:
-I always thought the "P5" was a bit of an elitist term by a group of schools that want to act as a cartel. They don't care about merit and they are looking to freeze out the little guy and the upstarts. There are plenty of football programs that are "P5" that would get their arses handed to them on a regular basis by quite a few "G5" teams. Meanwhile, we condescendingly tell them they don't belong but throw them a worn out "BCS NY6" bowl while not giving them a chance to compete for championship in a division in which they are a member. Everyone who's in the club, thinks they deserve to be there and that those not in the club deserved to be left out. It's disgusting. It's anti-competitive--and antithetical to the spirit of athletics.

-While people gripe about the SEC, if the top half of the conference decided to create it's own "premier league" and invite 10 bluebloods from other conferences, we'd all be screwed. It always amazed me that the same P5 people who complain about SEC hegemony are often the same ones who look down on an undefeated G5 team come CFP invite time.

-Girls softball should have its own board.

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