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Tried to complete my C&O canal dreamquest today

Just got my MTB back from the shop, slow leak in back tire but these were tubeless and I wasn't particularly up to date on how to deal with that. The amazing thing is I bought the bike used back in the early aughts (it was for a couple years the shiznits in racing) and have never done anything with the tires. They just always worked and held air until this past week which was a miracle b/c the sealant was completely dried up and probably had been for years. So, short story long I kinda realized the whole bike needed an overhaul and told the guys to do that too.

So, take it out for a ride today on the C&O canal, top gear is popping on rear derailler, grrr, I'll fix that myself, stupid me for not trying it out first, but dudes!!! what the heck? then, whilst I'm on the trail my seat breaks off, that is the bolt that clamps the seat to the frame sheared off. Never happened to me before. Coincidence or was it tightened a tad too much? or to be fair it had frozen not having been torqued off or on in 15 years? (and why do they point the front end up up? Why?) Still, new bolt guys?

Fortunately, I rode one way then the other so only had a 4 mile ride w/o a seat versus a ten mile ride. That's gotta qualify for something, crossfit training perhaps, standing up muscling the handlebars for that long.

Gave up, was going to stay for two days,. had my tent and everything was going to finish off the last 32 miles, knocked off seven, will try again in October I guess, that is, two 25 mile rides now.

Wore an old jersey that I crashed in on the WO&D trail many years ago, wore it today - first time in years - one more time before I trash it. Maybe it was carrying some baaaad ju ju or something.

It was also pretty humid too, not a great day, hoping I was "up in the mountains" but felt like a swamp. Oh well, one of those days where everything that could go wrong, goes wrong, maybe a good thing to get it all out in one shot.

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