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That history is why I think ND keeps their home game contract & national

schedule no matter what happens to P65. I think those two things are set and one of the big reasons Notre Dame joined the ACC. The ACC higher ups have said repeatedly behind the scenes we are good with that and they are. However, the B1G whom also had top academic schools said nope to both., especially them having their own home game TV channel. That's a non-starter for Notre Dame.

Now you and I and Domer when he is not mad at me (my fault for that) debate the Power 5 becoming the Power 4. However, let's not debate that this time. I have my sources and you have your sources and clearly they disagree, but just for fun let's say we go to a Power 4 with Conference Champions only going to the playoff (making the playoff immediately 8 teams instead of 4 with the interest for the Conference Championship games going off the hook IMHO, let's say SEC style of knowing you are in if you win) The first thing the Conferences will do is go to Quads (4 divisions), the B!G said we aren't against it, but we were surprised by it and they didn't like the surprise. If the ACC goes to *16 ND will play the three in their Quad every year and another Quad of 4 doing a home and away then rotating to the next Quad, that's 4 more games or 7 games total (2 more than now) to be in the Conference Championship game or what would be the first round of the playoff. That's going to be hard to turn down versus now having likely to go undefeated or 1 loss in a close game.

Here's the biggy for Notre Dame, they still have 5 OTHER GAMES FOR NATIONAL EXPOSURE...5! That's not the schedule they played this year, not even close. This year was unprecedented and probably will never happen again for Notre Dame or the rest of the ACC. They still keep their Home TV contract. In fact, they keep the Home Game TV contract, they keep a National Schedule and they are aligned with a conference for all sports from whom most of their students come from, the East Coast and have other private school priorities. This is what my sources have been telling me and why Notre Dame and the ACC are very ready to make this happen IF we go to a Power 4 Conference only Champions to the playoff.

*If the Big Bang happens and the ACC picks up Texas and 4 others to go to 20. That's 5 in a Quad, so you are talking about 9 conference games, but you still have 3 other national games to play. So they can still play USC-w, Navy if they don't join the ACC (they are my dark horse to come with ND) and say a Michigan/B1G team every year. Remember if the Big Bang happens they are playing not only in Texas, but Texas. When in the South Bend for the Virginia Tech game, I was shocked at how many Notre Dame alums lived in Texas. (Very nice people too)

Again let's not debate this time over whether we go to a Power 4, let's just say we did, what do you think about the components? I will take the liberty of projecting you hate losing the Independence lable :-), but besides that, what do you think? Domer if you are still reading? (Peace Domer, we have been arguing for years and I miss it :-)

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Posted: 05/08/2021 at 08:22AM


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