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I guess I missed that

Every conference and every team has what I call a gadfly. They have always been around and will be, well, likely forever. But they are easy to spot for what they are. They never say anything sane or for that matter, anything interesting.

Contrast that to people on this board that are interesting and sane and from time to time, go off roading into "Big-12 is going to die" or "Texas is going to join the ACC" or "put in whatever sounds dumb to you."

Few things ever change regardless of how logical that change might be. Neither the SEC or the BIG can grow any more without some serious juggling. If either went to 16 it would grossly upset an already wobbly internal system. They each have to weigh just how much it would have to be worth to go through all that transitional pain to bring in #15 and #16. Outside of Texas, no one brings enough, not even Oklahoma.

There is a danger in going to 16 for any conference as the MWC showed. The pull to break away with 8 members when things don't go how you expect is pretty strong. While it is logical to have 4 16 team conferences tied to a national play off, if it was going to happen, it would have happened by now. I would say it is never going to happen at this point. Everyone can live with the current set up.

2023 through 2026 will see media packages drastically altered, if they exist at all as they currently do. I think it more likely that individual schools will form their own packages and the various media networks will pay a one time fee to the respective conference when a game comes along that they want to broadcast. No more paying for a conference for a vast sum only to see that conference hit hard times. No more scheduling a hot game now only for it to be a dud in 3 years.

There was and still is some degree of debate that the ACC, Big-12 and Pac-12 are a bit wobbly. They each have pretty serious flaws and all could use a re-work.

The Big-12 has an incredible media package but they lack 2 members. That gives them that stupid CCG issue. Fix that and the Big-12 starts to fall into the BIG and SEC category.

The ACC has a botched media package and leadership that is suspect. The Notre Dame deal is bust too. No real conference should make that deal. If the ACC could take a page out of the Big East playbook and find a way to shed two teams and drop back to 12 it would be a huge step forward.

The Pac-12 has a time zone problem and nothing is going to fix that. It is the cause of their terrible media package and when combined when the vast footprint, they are all they are going to be, the number 5 P5 conference. Even when they have an incredible team, it does not translate to an incredible conference. One could argue that Clemson is like that right now for the ACC - incredible team is a ho-hum conference.

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Posted: 01/21/2019 at 5:31PM


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