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I'm going to end my posts on this thread here

I made several factual statements about changes in our assistant coaches and proved that at least some coaches don't make decisions based only on money and you attacked me about things of which you have no knowledge.

Turns out you are partially right, I did spend some of my youth in SW VA, still live within a couple hours of there.

But the thing is, in between that time, I've lived/worked in areas all over the country, including the all sacred NOVA. Gosh darn, this country boy has even traveled overseas quite a few times.

Sometimes ONE of the reasons I moved was for more money, (particularly when I was younger with less life experience) but it was never the only overriding factor. I learned long ago that I also had to enjoy the job, people and location.

I made the decision to turn down significantly more money to essentially "retire" early in a great location, near family. (not completely out in the sticks where I spent time as a kid - I considered everything)

I still work, but for myself and really only for the challenge, smart money decisions have left me, not rock star rich, but more than comfortable. Have several local colleagues that have done the same.

I fully understand that there are people that make decisions based only on money, I just find that they don't appear as satisfied and almost always appear to be looking for something else, the next big thing - that requires more money - but the bar always gets raised on them and they start over - suburban "keeping up with the Jones's".

Perhaps you don't understand that. That's okay -maybe someday you will - maybe you won't. Different strokes-Different folks.

As far as VT coaches, yes I want someone that wants to be there and we need to offer competitive salaries. If we were only paying a coach 1 million and he was offered 3 for a similar position, of course he has to consider it. But if he's making 2.8 and decides to move (all other things being roughly the same) for 3, then, yes, I'd just as soon he leave and we hire someone with different priorities and IMHO better decision making. Yes, those people are out there - I'm one of them - just in a different field.

I wish you no ill will, in fact, I bet you probably consider non-monetary factors in decision making more than your online persona lets on - intelligent people do that and your posts are usually well written, cognizant and add value to this board - I just wish I could read them without almost always having to read something similar to "the only way it would have been better if they had JUST compared the bottom line and made the decision based only on that"

Go Hokies!

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Posted: 03/20/2017 at 10:31AM


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