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Henry Blake: "I taped the wrong leg."

Henry: 21-20.

Radar: How do you know that, sir?

Henry: Ohio State - Illinois. Last game of the season. I was team manager.

Radar: Oh...

Henry: Two minutes to go. Crazy Wilensky - great quarterback, only weighed 120 pounds. Got arrested the next year for punching a milk horse. Anyway, Crazy snaps one off, throws a bomb to Tanker Washington. Old Tank runs it down to the Ohio State one-foot line. One foot! Can you imagine?

Radar: 12 inches.

Henry: Not 12 inches - one foot. Anyway, Tanker twisted his ankle. So, quick as a flash, thousands of eyes on me, I run across that field and tape that leg good and tight, then run off. 30 seconds to go. The ball snapped to Crazy. Crazy fakes a hand-off to Butcher Palasco, and then gives it off to Tanker. And Tanker starts off and hits the ground screaming, his face twisted with pain.

Radar: Tackled.

Henry: No. I taped the wrong leg.

Radar: Oh. Was he mad?

Henry: To this day, once a year, Tank Washington comes to my house and shoots out the porch light. (sighs) And he's a judge now.

: )


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Posted: 06/23/2016 at 2:02PM


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