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Now you're being intentionally obtuse. The testing and subsequent

availability of positive players is the same as it has been. The difference was changes made for vaccinated players which is what I said. But you knew that. It's the same thing that's happened in virtually every sport pro or college. As vaccines became available the guidelines and procedures were changed to allow for more freedom for vaccinated players. That's not unique to the NCAA or even to sports. My workplace changed their rules for vaccinated employees.

" Do you actually know what rules and protocols stayed the same? Which changed?"

You can most certainly look them up. I'm not your Google machine.

"Did they really have enough healthy players to play the first game or just not enough that definitive testing had yet to rule out?"

I'm not sure anyone outside of NC State and the NCAA can answer that. From what I understand there were positive tests between the first game and second that ruled out additional players. That's certainly very possible. I'm not actually even sure what you're alleging here. I would imagine the players were tested prior to the first game especially if there was a positive. And then they were tested between the games.

"the NCAA, CWS and medical personnel should be called to account for their processes and procedures."

Again I'm not entirely sure what you're trying to allege here? You seem to be both implying that NCAA was lax in allowing the first game to be played and strict in ruling the second a no contest... all of course with little to no evidence. The "processes and procedures" are again the same ones that every sport dealt with all season. NC State knew that and some of their players chose not to get vaccinated.

I don't know... it seems pretty cut and dried here. NC State had a COVID outbreak at least partially because they had players that were not vaccinated. It happened at the worst possible time and they paid the price for their choices. That sucks... but that's life. It's certainly not the NCAA's fault and trying to make them the bad guy here just seems absurd. I'll also note that we very likely won't ever know the full story thanks to privacy laws. The NCAA (and NC State) are most likely limited on what they can say regarding individual players and based on the head coach's cagy responses he's not going to say much. In fact it's in his best interest to be as vague as possible because it allows him to avoid responsibility.

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