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Just had a lovely conversation with the IRS on my 2019 taxes

So, shaggy dog story which I won't repeat in full eg, Turbotax says they accepted my 2019 return back in March 2020, and this past February the IRS sent me a nastygram saying I haven't filed my taxes.

What I've learned: Finally called the tax advocate, explained my sob story including not being able to file my 2020 taxes today because efile rejected it, wants my 2019 AGI to identify myself. She was helpful because 1) told me to just put -0- in as my AGI because, after all, you "haven't filed" taxes for 2019. Worked. 2020 taxes filed. 2) They apparently are also the gatekeepers for actually getting someone smart at the IRS WHO REALLY CAN dig into your problem instead of the usual telephone hell you go through by calling the IRS directly (para Espanol marque dos! )

Anyway, learned they really had received my 1040 through Turbotax. last spring and just to confuse things a lot sent out the February 2020 nastygram in error. (We tried to program it so that wouldn't happen but it just wouldn't listen to us: I have this fear of this old Colbol program still being used) You almost have to work at messing with me like that, I replied with a lengthy, detailed letter, and decided they don't really have my 1040 so I sent in a new paper copy of my return and was really calling today since it has been seven weeks all for naught/waste of time/disregard.

Anyway, They sent me a first letter last August to which I replied to so she explained that was a processing unit or something and the return hadn't been "processed" so the IRS doesn't acknowledge that it's been received yetwhich kinda confuses me but I desisted in trying to troubleshoot the internal workings of the IRS. Honestly, she was the smart one though, and politely waited for any more questions type stuff, so pleasant/rewarding to talk with her. Yeah, I poked her with a "any predictions on when this will poop out"? and she gave a "things are starting to move" answer. Fair enough for her, perhaps not so much for the IRS.

Score the tax advocate an "A" IRS a "D" even with everything going on but as I said, at least I was talking to the right person, I'll give her an "A" also.

And my 2020 taxes are transmitted and accepted now and movement - fingers crossed - on my 2019. Will I get stimmy checks now? Won't hold my breath.

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