2012 Top Football Recruits for the State of Virginia

TechSideline.com’s listing of the 2012 top football recruits in the state of Virginia. This list was created and maintained by SportsWar recruiting analyst Chris Horne.

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2012 Top Football Recruits for the State of Virginia

1DEEli Harold
2DB/WRAlex Carter
3WR/ATHJoel Caleb
4LB/DEKen Ekanem
5RBJ.C. Coleman
6LBKwontie Moore
7DTKorren Kirven
8LB/RBTrey Edmunds
9LBDeon Clarke
10WR/SAnthony Cooper
11SC.J. Prosise
12DTNigel Williams
13DLCourtnye Wynn
14LBDevin Vandyke
15OL/DTAndre Miles-Redmond
16S/WRDesmond Frye
17DT/OLTyrell Chavis
18OLWin Homer
19LB/SMark Hall
20ATHDer'Woun Greene
21TEDakota Jackson
22WRThomas Smith
23WR/SMario Nixon
24QB/ATHBrenden Motley
25OLAugie Conte
26WRRomond DeLoatch
27WR/CBMaurice Canady
28SMike Tyson
29WR/TEKyle Dockins
30LBAvery Thompson
31DT/OLDerek Dowrey
32DL/TESeth Dooley
33DTAlston Smith
34OLWill Smith
35OLJackson Matteo
36RB/LBDevon Johnson
37LBRhakeem Stallings
38TE/DEDylan Stallings
39DBD'Metrius Williams
40RB/DBDivante Walker

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