2015 Top Football Recruits for the State of Virginia

TechSideline.com’s listing of the 2015 top football recruits in the state of Virginia. This list was created and maintained by SportsWar recruiting analyst Chris Horne.

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2015 Top Football Recruits for the State of Virginia

1DEJosh Sweat
2CBGarrett Taylor
3OLMatthew Burrell
4DEClelin Ferrell
5OLAustin Clark
6DE/OLBRicky DeBerry Jr.
7DTTim Settle
8LBChad Smith
9WR/ATHJaason Lewis
10LB/DE/TETremaine Edmunds
11DE/OLBDarrell Taylor
12LBJahvoni Simmons
13DTDarvin Taylor II
14DETrevon Hill
15RBDeshawn McClease
16DBJuan Thornhill
17WRFelton Davis III
18RB/SA.J. Turner
19DBJahque Alleyne
20WRBrandon Polk
21WRA.J. Alexander
22DT/OLChance Hall
23WRDavid Eldridge III
24WR/SGary Jennings
25OLJustin Skule
26DTHarry Lewis
27DT`Aaron Crawford
28DBMike Majette
29OLBlake Camper
30LB/TETanner Karafa
31CB/WRTJ Griffin
32LBGus Little
33WRQuincy Watts
34S/WRMalik Clements
35OLRJ Proctor
36ATHColeman Fox
37CBNhyre Quinerly
38DECaleb Ashworth
39CBJamez Brickhouse
40TERichard Burney, Jr.

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