2006 Top Football Recruits for the State of Virginia

TechSideline.com’s listing of the 2006 top football recruits in the state of Virginia. This list was created and maintained by SportsWar recruiting analyst Chris Horne.

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2006 Top Football Recruits for the State of Virginia

1WRPercy Harvin
2WRVidal Hazelton
3LBJarrell Miller
4WRChris Bell
5DEJohn Graves
6WRDamon McDaniel
7WRBrent Vinson
8DEBrian Whitmore
9RBBrandon Minor
10RBEvan Royster
11LBMatt Wright
12RBKeith Payne
13LBJohn Bivens
14DTDaryl Robertson
15TESean Gottschalk
16OLAlex Stadler
17DBGreg Davis
18TEDedrick Epps
19WRBrandon Caleb
20RBLucas Caparelli
21NTAsa Chapman
22ATHRashad Phillips
23OLBilly Cuffee
24ATHKam Chancellor
25DBRas-I Dowling
26DTAnthony Davis-----
27OLBeau Warren
28RBDwayne Priest
29RBB.J. Cabbell
30WRNaron Sanderlin

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