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Re: Not what Dave's article suggests. They will pay off back debt by 21.

Just because USA says they are in the black doesn't mean that is an accurate number when you consider the full expense picture. The point is you called the original statement wrong and it was not as has been explained so you should be more careful in the future that you can actually defend the statements you make.

It is not about sticking one's head in the sand, as everybody is aware VT needs more money to remain competitive, however, the disagreement lies in what path accomplishes that goal long term in the best and most efficient manner. You don't have a clue with the changing landscape of college athletics whether the current models are sustainable long term and how far the ACC with changes coming in 2019 and beyond for their own deal will really be behind either the SEC or Big 10. As far as being left behind revenue is the one metric, at present where, the ACC trails. That is partly due to TV contracts and more due to contributions, stadium receipts and licensing agreements. However, that is somewhat misleading because the top line doesn't give a full picture of the financial health and sustainability of a program. In the metric that matters the most, results on the field and court, the ACC is easily holding its own with the SEC and Big Ten overall and VT easily compares favorably to Maryland. The real point of this discussion is your projection of how the current landscape will project relies on the assumption that the ACC will only fall further behind the other two leagues. That may or may not hold true in the coming years and completely ignores the possibility that long term the ACC, with a solid product and strong geographic footprint may be better positioned to compete with those two leagues. People have been writing the epitaph of the ACC for a number of years, however, that has at best been premature. The ACC, as currently structured, is arguably in the strongest financial and competitive health it has enjoyed since conference inception and has only gotten stronger in recent years even with the competitive disadvantages created by revenue disparities which would seem to indicate that the revenue disparities can at least be mitigated by operating smarter which, ironically, is exactly the reason(operating stupidly) Maryland got upside down originally.

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Posted: 03/14/2017 at 10:31AM


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