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My wife is battling this

She is a USA Swimming and ASCA certified swim coach also WSI and Red Cross certified. She also has 20 years of coaching experience and has been dealing with national, state, and local regulations, policies, and guidelines for over a year. When the Summer swim league was canceled last year, she wanted to have some kind of Summer training group for the older kids. She spent weeks developing a plan based on USA Swimming guidelines that also followed the VDH regs. She very carefully diagrammed everything and justified every single aspect. The pool board refused to let her coach on deck with her mask lowered when socially distanced and providing instruction even though it was well within any existing regulation because of the fear that a few members would be horrified despite no science whatsoever supporting that position. There is a major safety issue with kids in the water not being able to hear the coach or even see her face (my middle kid has a hearing issue and relies somewhat on lip reading - been a terrible year for him). She finally bagged it. This was going to be a nearly free clinic provided by her with the only money charged to pay a couple assistants.

Fast forward this year.......the Summer swim league is on, but the way it's going to be run again is ridiculous and has no basis in science. When the governor announced probable lifting of restrictions mid June, she reached out to the team reps on how that will allow more participation and how they should respond to it. She was given a hard "no" on that. Even if government restrictions are lifted, this team will still follow the old restrictions. Interesting that one of the reps is a school nurse and refuses to follow "the science". I am doubtful she will last to the first meet.

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Posted: 05/07/2021 at 12:27PM


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