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VT future and the ACC

So has the ACCN helped VT? I guess the other sports you could say, yes. What about the main sport(or supposed main sport, whit does lust baseball you know?)? So far I do not see the ACCN really helping VT football. That being said, I cannot say it is an ACC issue. It is more of what Stech said below. Allowing the past regime to slip bad was the start. SEE FSU also. So to help the ACCnetwork out . Why doesn't VT improve it football image? Let's quit blaming Swofford. He may have messed up. He never told VT to quit recruiting at higher level. The future? It is up to thinkers at VT, it is up to Hokie Nation, and it is up to little bit luck. People in Blacksburg need to have a plan. Fuente better be rising the program or simply he needs replaced. Can Whit do that is my worry? We will see. Maybe he is right by keeping FU.Imroving the infrastructure of a once proud program. ACC nor its network is the issue. The future of VT football resides in Blacksburg. Get it done thinkers. Then the Network will love you more.

Posted: 04/03/2021 at 08:20AM


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