Tyler Nickel Enters Transfer Portal

Virginia Tech’s Tyler Nickel has entered the transfer portal. (Ivan Morozov)

Virginia Tech men’s basketball guard/forward Tyler Nickel entered the transfer portal on Thursday, according to reports from 247Sports.

The 6-foot-7, 220-pound sophomore transferred to the Hokies last summer after spending his first season at North Carolina. He averaged 8.8 points and 2.2 rebounds across 33 games this season, which included seven starts, and shot 39.9 percent from 3-point range (59-of-148).

The Harrisonburg, Va., native scored in double figures on 17 occasions in 2023-24, highlighted by a career-high 24 points on 8-of-11 shooting (5-of-7 3FG) on Jan. 10 vs. Clemson.

Nickel is the sixth Tech player from this season’s squad to enter the portal this week. Sean Pedulla, MJ Collins, Mylyjael Poteat and John Camden departed on Tuesday and Wednesday while Lynn Kidd already committed to Jim Larrañaga and Miami.

Nickel’s departure leaves the Hokies with three returning scholarship players for next season: Brandon Rechsteiner, Jaydon Young and Patrick Wessler. They played a combined 509 minutes this year.

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  1. Limit the number of transfers one can make in the portal. Some of these guys change schools every year!

  2. This is very discouraging.

    I suspect the worst is yet to come, if coach Kenny follows the Buzz playbook, the women’s team will soon be nonexistent too.

    I just read an article pegging the top 10 NIL athletes, all are $1.5mil and up. It appears to have become a bidding war, coaches and players. VT and probably most of the ACC appear to be completely outclassed in this contest, and I doubt there is much we can do about it.

  3. So only a couple of these VT portal guys are significant losses. If MY can bring in portal guys that are believed to be equal/better, then can he say “no thanks” to some that want to come back if they don’t get a better deal? I would assume he could since scholarships are year to year.

  4. Did any of the players check their road record before deciding to leave Blacksburg? LOL
    Still, hope we get to know more about the why. Yes, NIL, but everyone?

  5. People still blaming NIL need to wake up, I use to make the same excuses for Fuente when the transfer portal first started but I’ve learned my lesson. Just like Fuente, Mike Young is good with X and Os but lacks in recruiting and roster management. Also heard stories that Fuente didn’t like making home visits in “certain areas” for recruits, I have a feeling MY is the same.

    1. John Thompson once said that everyone at his level more or less knows his X”s and O’s but that’s only 1/3rd of the job. The other 2/3’s is the off-court stuff, recruiting, interacting w/players, alumni/donors, university personnel, etc., non-coaching/technical stuff.

    2. Wow, glad someone has put this out there for all of our AA recruits to see, a “feeling” that Mike Young is a little bit racist because there was a rumor that Fuente didn’t like recruiting certain areas. You are dealing with a Coach’s reputation which is everything in this arena. And imagine how this reads to recruits who could have this in their mind before ever entertaining Coach. I understand the venting, but uncalled for.

    3. Irresponsible linking of Fuente (“certain areas”) and CMY. Very serious and malicious charge. If I were running TSL, I would suspend you.

    1. Isn’t it just going to be where every player ant every school enters the portal every year and see how much money they can get from either their school or another school?

  6. Between Brooks and this potential mass exodus, it’s getting really, really hard to remain invested in programs and players when there’s significant turnover year after year after year. It’s free agency. I suppose I understand the approach from players. Entering the portal doesn’t necessarily guarantee a transfer, but it’s their opportunity to test the waters to see if they can potentially make tens of thousands of dollars elsewhere (maybe more depending on the player). Not sure what the ‘going rate’ is, but it’s a situation where players ‘don’t know unless they ask.’ That’s why Pry’s offseason was so unique. Key players seem to WANT to remain around the VT football program. I know from experience that culture can sometimes trump money, and Pry seems to get that because we’ll never have the cash to throw around like the SEC and Big 10 schools. As a fan and alumnus, it’s simply disheartening to endure this era in collegiate sports.

    1. It’s pretty awful — the player strike in the NFL years ago and free agency killed my interest in the sport. Looks like college athletics will be out for me pretty soon.

      1. Heading in that direction for me as well and quickly. Hey, how bout the fans collectively strike. Have all these games in empty stadiums and arenas, quit watching on TV. See how quick it changes.

    2. It is no longer a time for investing in players. The free agency we have today has made that a no win deal. We are in a time where we will meet a new team at the start of the season. All we can do is support our team each season.

  7. Seems to me that there may have been serious leadership issues in the locker room and it all has come unraveled with the easy NIL exit option. This may also explain out horrible away game performances.

  8. The program has imploded. Steve Forbes at Wake has a good track record of getting talent out of the portal, so he’s comfortable watching half of his team leave each year. We haven’t seen MY have similar success in the portal, so no reason to think he starts now. Might be time for a factory reset.

    1. Why don’t you go to Whit and say, “here I am, your man to right this sinking ship”. I want to hear and see him laugh in your face.

  9. Something, besides NIL, got to be going on. NiL has been around a few years now. They didn’t all jump ship last year.

    1. NIL hasn’t “matured” until this year – the players know the system, who gets paid what, where the opportunities are – i.e. they have networked and they have people networking for them as well. We couldn’t – or wouldn’t – match what Miami is paying Kidd. No, it’s NIL all the way and we are on the outside looking in as far as BB is concerned.

      1. More than half these players aren’t good enough for NIL deals let’s be real here and stop giving MY a pass

        1. Even fewer are NBA calibre so they better learn a foreign language – or earn a marketable degree.

      2. “the players know the system,”

        Full card B-I-N-G-O!!!! Add in the Curse on Virginia Tech sports. Voila!

        As for Miami – they spend NIL $$$’s like it’s Monopoly money. What have they gotten?

    1. Not quite at your anger level…but not giving donations to NIL. Would absolutely consider a marketing campaign through business with players in exchange for NIL…but not a straight up donation/cash grab. Especially as everyone just leaves year over year.

      If that relegates us to D3 then so be it….still a heckuva engineering school!

      1. My issue is it is not really NIL. NIL payments would have to make financial sense for the payee, this is just paying kids to play through rich boosters. Sure it has been going on forever but now it just crushes those schools in the middle or without crazy boosters that want to blow their money. No way CMY makes it much longer in this environment.

      2. “.still a heckuva engineering school!”

        Might want to add in Pamplin. The Business grads have whipped the engineers on Giving Day for several years. Notice the blowout win this past Feb. No disgrace – as VT is an A+ U – as shown by the HUGE number of apps.

        Note: Best friend’s Grand Son – Top Fairfax County HS; 1600 on SATs; 35(or whatever the top score) ACTs; 4.0 GPA unweighted – wanting to major in Mechanical Engineering = rejected by: Stanford; wait listed by Harvard & Princeton; accepted by Cornell & UVa; wait listed by VT. BTW – his father: BS, MS in ME at VT AND makes a million $$$’s as a rocket scientist.

        It’s a new world out there..

        In any case – how much are a few extra wins worth?

  10. I’m not worried about this, impressed how some of the other guys are working their way up to becoming starters!!!

  11. Should absolutely fire Tyler Bowen for this!!!!
    I’m sure some dolt will blame Whit too.
    It’s 100% NIL.
    Get used to it.

    1. Watching the NCAA games last night, almost (if not) all of the starters were portal players. Some from major programs (Love from UNC on AZ), some from mid-majors (Grant Nelson on Alabama from North Dakota). This is the new normal. Please stop speculating on CMY’s character. If you know first hand of “bad” behavior, site specifics. Everything I have seen and heard from him and his contemporaries (about him) has been first class. Stop the disparaging speculation and accept that this is how college basketball is now. If CMY is unable to put a product on the floor that can get to the Big Dance every 3 years or so then he will be let go.

  12. I wonder how many of these guys were contacted by someone connected to other programs before they defected, such that they knew they had at least one good-paying offer, which would ease their decision? I guess if a NIL org. contacted them that wouldn’t be tampering by today’s loose standards?

    1. We did have a sustained strong run in football, as well as iccasional highs from other sports.

      But i.understand your point

      This exodus reflects poorly on CMY and our NIL situation for mens and womens bball. Not sure we have the $$ tho to compete in today’s world.
      (i am.not knocking CMY ftr … it simply hurts his rep/standing. imo

  13. “Another one bites the dust. And another one and another one and another bites the dust.”

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