TSL Podcast 303: The Hokie Way’s “Countdown to Kickoff”


The Hokie™ Way, a key organization for Virginia Tech NIL (Name, Image, and Likeness), has launched a “Countdown to Kickoff” donation matching campaign that runs August 1 through September 2.

To learn more and to donate, click here.

TSL Podcast 303: The Hokie Way’s “Countdown to Kickoff”

The TSL Podcast brings you up to speed on The Hokie Way’s critical “Countdown to Kickoff” campaign, and we’ll answer the question: is The Hokie Way’s non-profit status in danger of being revoked? (37 minutes)

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  1. Listened to the pod so maybe a dumb question, but if I were to donate to NIL, why wouldn’t I just donate directly to Triumph? Outside of the match campaign, what’s the value-add in donating to Hokie Way?

    1. I believe it’s also the tax deduction through The Hokie Way since the IRS is basically saying no tax deduction on true NIL’s like Triumph. With that said, the elephant in the room on The Hokie Way is how much of their money goes to Triumph for athletes to attend their functions vs money going to tier
      charity partners. The IRS will certainly scrutinize that ratio to determine if The Hokie Way keeps their 501(c)3 status.

  2. Will The Hokie Way be posting their IRS Form 990 and/or an annual report on their website for calendar 2022? It’s always nice to see financial transparency before allocating funds to a given charitable organization.

  3. Hard to believe TSL is now 27 years old, and growing stronger. Did you ever dream of this and found it possible, or was it not until it actually happened?

    I am certain you must have answered this in the past, but even if so, it is still a good question to ask.

      1. Can you donate through Venmo? Not sure about the rules of for using Venmo, but would that allow THW to avoid the credit card processing fees?

      2. Podcast? I’ll have to check it out. I only have read the article so far. 😂

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