Transfer Portal Thoughts: Virginia Tech Has Options

Virginia Tech
Mike Young added Jordan Ivy-Curry this week, and more are coming. (Virginia Tech athletics)

Virginia Tech men’s basketball picked up its first portal commitment on Tuesday from UTSA guard Jordan Ivy-Curry. Yes, the Hokies got a Jordan and a Curry all in one, so obviously we’re well on our way back to an ACC Championship and a Sweet 16. Jokes aside, Ivy-Curry is a good pickup and a definite starter. Young added a second portal commit on Thursday in College of Charleston’s Ben Burnham.

I have mixed feelings about this time of year. I think there needs to be a huge revamp in college sports with regards to transfer rules and player compensation. Some of the things that are going on are a huge turnoff to me. I’d change quite a bit if I were in charge. At the same time, back when I used to play NCAA College Football for PlayStation, I would never play the games. I’d recruit, redshirt, change positions, cut guys to make room for new players, etc. Then I’d simulate the season so I could get back to the roster management part of it as quickly as possible. What I love about sports more than anything is roster management; it is by far my favorite thing to write about. For amateur roster managers, this day and age can be a whole lot of fun.

A lot of people look at the number of open scholarships on Virginia Tech’s roster and despair. They see bad things. They see a big opportunity to get worse. I’m the opposite. While I certainly concede the negative possibilities, when you have as many open spots on your roster as Mike Young does, it gives you a slew of options to play with. As much as this is an opportunity to get worse, it is also a big opportunity to get better.

For those who don’t read the boards, I’ve set up a transfer portal page that keeps track of Virginia Tech’s roster and the players in the transfer portal who Young’s staff have contacted, per social media reports. I’ve been updating it every day or two, so if you’re interested in that type of stuff, it might be wise to bookmark it.