Turning Scouting Reports Into A Gameplan

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Justin Fuente, Virginia Tech
We use Justin Fuente’s Rose Bowl game as TCU’s offensive coordinator as an example of how coaches turn scouting reports into gameplans. (Ivan Morozov)

Last week we looked at how teams scout their opponents. Now, let’s look at how coaches put this information to use, with Justin Fuente, a young co-offensive coordinator for TCU presenting at a Glazier clinic, as our guide.

Specific to scouting, Fuente and TCU hewed closely to many of the generalities we looked at last week. Ball location was a big point of emphasis. Fuente broke the field down into five areas:

  • Coming Off: From TCU’s 1 to the 15
  • Open Field: From TCU’s 16 to the opponent’s 26
  • Red Zone: From the opponent’s 25 to the 11
  • Red Zone Tite: From the opponent’s 10 to the 4
  • Goal Line: From the opponent’s 3 to the end zone

The other variable he looked at for scouting defenses and putting together his own call sheet was down and distance, which he broke into the following groups:

  • 1st and 10/2nd and less than 7
  • 2nd and 7+
  • 3rd or 4th and inches
  • 3rd and 1-2
  • 3rd and 3-6
  • 3rd and 7+

One of the interesting things to come from this talk was just how much emphasis Fuente put on