Strength And Conditioning, From Mike Gentry To Ben Hilgart: Part 3

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Virginia Tech, Ben Hilgart
Ben Hilgart (Jon Fleming)

Part 1

Part 2

I’ll admit I was disappointed when Mike Gentry left. Not that he had anything left to prove. Instead, I thought he’d appreciate and be energized by the opportunity to work with a new style of football coach. That wasn’t to be, though. I did have in mind a type of coach I wanted to see hired. I didn’t want a coach who’d made his name working with rosters full of NFL pros, and I didn’t want a coach who was sticking to tried and true methods. Given how the entire football program had stumbled in recent years, I thought it’d be worth the gamble to hire someone who was outside the norm and maybe could help Tech pull ahead (again) of other teams on the S&C front.

I had in mind a guy like Cal Dietz at Minnesota (whose Triphasic Training uniquely focuses primarily on sequentially developing isometric, eccentric, and concentric strength), Bryan Mann (at Missouri at the time, who