Strength and Conditioning, From Mike Gentry to Ben Hilgart: Part 2

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Ben Hilgart. (Jon Fleming)

After Part 1 of this series went live, it struck me that it’d be impossible to meaningfully explain the differences between Gentry’s and Hilgart’s styles (which in the big picture are pretty subtle) to most folks if I didn’t first talk about the nuts and bolts of strength and conditioning. So before jumping into talking about the two coaches, I’m going to try to make this a short overview of S&C theory, and I’ll cant it towards Virginia Tech.  

Football S&C grew out of a few things—traditional calisthenics routines (think guys doing jumping jacks and stuff like that), Golden Era bodybuilding routines, Eastern Block training styles for Olympic sports (especially weightlifting), and track and field training. The fingerprints of these disciplines are all over football training in different ways. You can tell from these roots that S&C coaches worry about strength, movement, speed, agility, and endurance. Over the course of a game, a strong, efficient, fast, agile, and conditioned player will generally outperform players lacking these traits. That