Friday Q&A: February 17, 2012

1: If you were an opposing coach, how would you scheme against the VT offense and defense in 2012?

GMSAHokie: This is a great question.  Let me start off by saying that I am not Raleigh Hokie and I do not have the X’s and O’s knowledge of the Tech offense/defense that Raleigh has.  And, I likely never will.  He’s like a Hokie savant.  That said; I do have some opinions as to how opposing offenses will attack our defense next year and vice versa.

I’ll start (appropriately, in my mind) with how opposing offenses will attack our defense, because defense pays the bills and Logan Thomas notwithstanding, the defense will be the star of the show next year, in my opinion.  I think we will have a Top 10 defense in 2012 and furthermore, I think we will have the best defense in the ACC (yep, better than FSU despite what the ESPN crew believes).

That said; the defense will have its weaknesses.  If Bruce Taylor and Jeron Gouveia-Winslow are able to recover from Lisfranc injuries, our front seven will one of the top two in the league in talent and given our superior depth, we will be the overall best, in my opinion.  I will tell you that I am worried about Bruce Taylor and Jeron Gouveia-Winslow .  A Lisfranc injury is nothing to fool around with and both those guys suffered that same injury last year.  For the purposes of this question, let’s just assume they are back at 100% percent.  If so, we will have the deepest front seven in the league and opposing offenses will have a very difficult time running the football.  This means that opposing offenses will most likely be trying to attack the Hokies’ young secondary next year.  It will be an interesting battle of wills, particularly with the Clemsons, FSU’s and even Dukes of the world.  And, if history is any indicator, next year will be the kind of year that a Defensive Coordinator like Bud Foster salivates over.