Statement from Antone Exum

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Antone¬†Exum has decided not to dress for the UNC game. Here’s his statement on the matter:

“This is something that I thought about and discussed thoroughly with my support team and we came to the conclusion that it’s not in my best interest right now to return. There are some fine tuning areas of my game that allow me to excel at a high level on the field that need to be worked on. It’s a decision we made for my present situation and for my future, and most importantly for the best interest of this team. There are no setbacks, there is no pain or any of that. This is just to put my best foot foward. To assure that when I step back on the field I can play at an extremely high level. I’m not putting dates on anything right now I’m just focusing on progressing each day and winning the small battles necessary for the victory of the war. I have the support of my parents and coaches and we are all in agreement with the plan to get me back on the field performing at a high level of play.”

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  1. could he come back and begin to get time on Special Teams? That would at least get him back in game speed and tackling live.

  2. Could Exum qualify for a medical redshirt? If the defensive backfield remains injury free, how much would his mid-season return really help? Is he going to personally ensure we beat Miami or Florida State in the ACCCG? On the other, a solid full season in 2014 probably puts him in the first two rounds, que no? Where does he go with a half season and lingering question marks?

    BTW, I agree with the others… You got to respect his maturity and commitment.

  3. Sure made things a lot easier on coaching staff. No second guessing or worrying about playing time. Cohesiveness for the best defense in the nation stays intact.

  4. Very smart. The worst thing Antone could do would be to come back and be less than 100 percent. He does need play this season if he hopes to be drafted early but aiming for the Duke game makes the most sense.

  5. His draft status could really change if he played poorly.When your ready the coaches will know.

  6. WOW. BALLS AND MATURITY. Amazing. Antone Exum is the man! Best wishes to getting back to 100% and killing it!

    1. Agreed – this is a quality kid, willing to man up and thinking about team and the future. Exum shows a lot of maturity and leadership. He is an excellent representative of VT. It is best for him to work himself into shape and make a real impact when he is ready.

  7. Smart move. Gotta respect the guy for that because you know it’s just killing him not being out on the field with his teammates.

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