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I asked you directly if you were referring to illegal immigrants and you as

per your MO avoided the question and did not answer. Luckily we can go to the tape here you go:

"You seriously believe the increase in cases in the South is caused by illegal immigrants? Am I understanding that right?"

Don't blame me for you failing to clarify when asked directly what you mean. That's on you especially with the "general US population" part. And if that is not what you meant then what exactly is your point? That Americans who are sick are going to the hospital because of COVID? You're the one claiming it's "trivial" and "manufactured", not me. Wouldn't your statement speak to the seriousness and reality of the situation? You're basically proving my argument for me.

So again what exactly was the point of this statement:

"Are there currently great numbers of infected crossing the southern border into the general US population? Yes. All border states are seeing this. Why?"

I didn't claim you said that the virus didn't exist. I said you called it trivial which of course you did. Again let's go to the tape: "[I] am not worried about something this trivial and manufactured."

If masks are "potentially harmful to wear daily" then why aren't all the medical personnel who wear them every day (and have for years) sick or dead? Same with people in Asian countries where wearing masks in public has been common for year? B/c you're 100% wrong again. For the average person a basic mask or face covering is NOT potentially harmful especially in terms of wearing it for the length of time that you're in a store or something. You've once again bought into some garbage you read or saw somewhere that has little to no basis in actual science or fact. Just more dangerous misinformation and conspiracy theory BS.

And the idea of an infected person wearing a mask to protect others is not something the CDC just came up with. For years during flu season when you go to the doctor at least around here there are signs that say "If you have flu like symptoms please put a mask on" beside a box of masks. I have no idea why you think this is some new concept. It's called source control. It is not something that came about b/c of COVID19. It certainly is not "cover" for anything nefarious.
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