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I want a factual number. I am not afraid of dying or anything else. I do

not feel powerless in any fashion and am not worried about something this trivial and manufactured. Do not blow smoke up my rear and expect me to happily accept it without question.

If the media and scientific community is going to flout these numbers as being accurate, then the testing methodology should be sound. The serology test just verify coronovirus antibodies without differentiating which strain it comes from. The other test was never designed to be a diagnostic tool and the person who invented it said so specifically. There is no "golden" purified sample to verify the positive result so there is no way to verify that test is accurate either. If the tests are unverifiable, the results are worse than junk as it is an intentional fraud period! They are lying to you and you are sitting there just soaking it up as fast as you can.

The media and the "alleged" scientific community want you to believe what they spew out without question because they are the "authorities". I am under no false hope of changing your mind since I do not have a fancy suit and title, but others who read these discussions might just have a glimmer of question or doubt seep into their minds and do some investigation for themselves. I am not telling anyone what to think or do, everyone has free will, but just providing information.

I noticed you have not answered any or the pertinent questions I have posed though about the testing or about the deaths being intentionally inflated. If a person dies today, what is the one test that is mandatory? If the test comes back positive, whether diagnosed or not, the death is included in the covid death numbers by mandate from the health care providers. Stage 4 cancer patients with no life expectancy, stroke victims, and heart attack victims with no previous diagnosis were all included in the figures against the wishes of their families. That is intentional deception and inflation because the corporations get more money from the government that way. The test have no measurable accuracy so what good are the results?

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