Virginia Tech Scores Commitment From Michigan ATH Kalil Pimpleton

Kalil Pimpleton, who as a junior last season at Muskegon (MI) scorched defenses to the tune of 2,271 yards of offense (including 1,180 yards passing and 1,068 yards rushing) and 27 touchdowns (17 rush, 10 pass)), announced this evening that he will take his talents to Blacksburg to play for Justin Fuente and the Virginia Tech Hokies.

A first-team all-area and first-team all-conference selection in 2015, Pimpleton helped the Big Reds to a 9-3 overall record. While he plays quarterback on the high school level, the 5’7″ 155-pound speedster is an offensive athlete recruit for coach Fuente. Slot receiver likely will be his primary position for the Hokies.

Virginia Tech now boasts nine commitments in the class of 2017. Stay tuned for more on this latest pledge. In the meantime, check out Pimpleton’s junior season highlights below.

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  1. If this young man is so good, why he is just rated a 2 star player and why does he have so few offers? This looks peculiar to me.

  2. Great to have you young man…welcome to Hokie nation…I see great things for you in Fuente’s offense……..

  3. Kids his size are usually very good at avoiding taking many direct hits. I see him as a slot receiver and punt returner. He can be used on reverses and pass catching from the slot while being moved around the field by the coaches. The key will be to get him out in in space. If he makes just a handful of big plays during a season he is well worth signing considering the number of close games VT plays. One big play in a close game can make the difference.

  4. Wow, A high school team that practices indoors. Hard to tackle someone you cant find until he is past you.

  5. Wonderful hands. Great quickness. Probably plays like he’s got something to prove. Another 20 pounds, and he will be a terror!

  6. That guy can play some ball. Quick and fast. Kinda reminds me of me 🙂

  7. If he can get ti the end zone I don’t care how tall he is. If you are talking NFL then size and bulk play a bigger role.

  8. Some initial concern over his size and durability, but he looks a bit taller on film, like 5’9″. After watching his film, I realize that Fuente got a good one. Very good speed, never saw anyone catch him from behind, and very elusive and a real playmaker.

    Not sure if he is tall enough to play receiver, but think he would make a great tailback. A real slasher, and most of his best runs were right up the middle.

    1. Let’s hope his growth plate hasn’t closed and maybe he’ll grow another 2-3 inches.

    2. Definitely can’t take the beating a tail back takes but is tall enough to play the slot receiver.

    1. I just cannot see using up a scholarship this early in the recruiting season on a player rated only a 2 star without any other offers to speak of.

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