Tech Talk Live Notes for February 3, 2016

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Note: This is somewhat incomplete, as I was monitoring the message boards because of the Torrian Gray news while also trying to do the TTL Notes.  I apologize.

Justin Bibbs

Traveling with the team is fun, but it’s not fun waking up in the morning and going to class after a late night road game. Bibbs had study hall at 9am this morning.

Tech played great against Syracuse, but the Orange made some big shots down the stretch. It was sort of the same thing at Syracuse last year. Unfortunately it didn’t work out.

Bibbs now has two double-doubles in his career against Syracuse. He knows he needs to rebound like that in every game.

The Hokies can’t afford to focus on the Syracuse loss. They have to try to improve on what they did wrong and get better down the stretch.

Johnny Hamilton and Greg Donlon had birthdays today, and the team sang a little birthday song for both of them.

Getting in the middle is key to breaking the Syracuse zone. Tech did a decent job of that last night. Kerry Blackshear was very good passing the ball.

The Hokies think they can win at home. Beating a very good Clemson team would be great on Saturday.

Bibbs is a talented artist. He likes to draw popular people. For example, Cam Newton.

Buzz Williams

It is hard to get up the next morning after a loss like last night. Buzz Williams spoke at a middle school this morning at 7am. He doesn’t know if anybody was listening…he was mostly just preaching to himself.

Williams saw the players today. He thinks kids are more resilient than adults. There’s a portion of them that wants to be rewarded so they can believe that all their work has been rewarded. But yes…it wasn’t easy for them to get up this morning.

Your goal should always be to get better. Your goal can’t be winning, because at some point if you start losing, you’ll just quit and say “oh, we’ll get them next year.” Your goal has to be to get better each day, and eventually that will lead to winning.

Last night’s game was the best Tech has been defensively in ACC play. They got a lot of consecutive stops, and their ball screen defense was the best it has been.

Buzz has a very chaotic mind. When he was writing stuff down during the game last night, it was about helping him organize his thoughts and lock in on certain categories of things that he has emphasized to the team.

Jimmy Butler was never viewed as an NBA guy. He never received an All-Big East vote in his career. Tech doesn’t have any NBA guys right now, but that doesn’t mean one wont’ develop.

Brad Brownell has always been one of the most underrated coaches in the country. He and Buzz have known each other for awhile. He’s done a great job at Clemson this year, and they have lot of experience. They guard you tough in the halfcourt. They are tough, physical, and they have an old school intensity.

Tech played at Clemson last year the way they played at Pitt on Sunday. It was never a game, and the Hokies didn’t compete well enough to give themselves a chance. Clemson is 2-3 on the road, which is the sign of a good team. The Hokies will have their hands full for sure.

Tech was off on Monday, and they’ll finish off Syracuse film on Thursday morning. They’ll lift in the afternoon, and then practice at 4pm. The Hokies need to play their best on both ends of the floor and hope they can turn the momentum a bit.

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