Tech Talk Live Notes for October 19, 2015

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Zohn Burden

The Miami loss was disappointing. Tech didn’t take care of the football, and when that happens, losses will happen.

Isaiah Ford and Cam Phillips played hard. Tech was able to break some long runs on the outside because they blocked well. The team left plays on the field though, and you always look at those plays when you lose a close game.

When Burden got to Tech, he wanted to make blocking a point of emphasis. Tech wants an emphasis of five knockdowns per game from their two wideouts, and they accomplished that goal against Miami.

Burden interviewed for the Tech job, and then got the offer a week or two later. He accepted immediately. It was a dream come true.

The biggest adjustment has been the higher level of recruiting, and getting used to new players that he didn’t know.

Burden views himself as a teacher. He teaches them what to do, but he also teaches them why they are doing it.

Burden played at VMI, and he had a great relationship with the coach there. He had a big afro coming out of high school, and he had to cut it when he got to VMI.

He coached at Fork Union after VMI, and he actually lived in the barracks there. It was like being at VMI for an extra year.

Tech’s offense is very detail oriented, so it’s been tough on Greg Stroman so far. Burden expects his role to increase week by week. It will take him some time to fine tune his route running. Right now they are trying to find ways to get the ball in his hands as quickly as possible in space.

Isaiah Ford has a great work ethic. He practices hard, and it carries over into the game. Burden has a good duo with Ford and Phillips. Tech is trying to bring other guys along behind him, and they’ve got to work as hard as Ford and Phillips.

Duke is a very good defense. They have allowed six touchdowns in six games, and one of those was a special teams touchdown.

Tech is in pretty good shape for the 2016 class, and they are in the top two with some high-profile 2017 and 2018 players.

Burden doesn’t really know why so many guys are leaving the state these days. He wants to figure it out so he can stop it. He thinks it might just be the new fad.

Brewer being back will be a boost of confidence for the wide receivers, and for the team as a whole. It will be a boost for everyone.

Isaiah Ford

Ford is feeling good physically. The offseason conditioning is really paying off, and he’s had no major injuries.

The first time Ford met Zohn Burden, he sat him down and said “You suck at blocking.” They worked hard to change that in the spring, and it obviously has.

Ford didn’t like contact at first, but he’s grown to like it now.

Basketball was a big part of Ford’s life, and it was tough giving that up. It was his first love, but he feels like he made the right decision.

After the Miami game, Ford was thinking about Dadi Nicolas and Luther Maddy. He was hurt that the team didn’t send them out with a win in their home town.

Tech made too many mistakes against Miami. You can’t turn the ball over four times and beat a team like that.

The coaches have told Ford that he needs to be more vocal. He tried to do that on the sideline against Miami.

Ford and Phillips are really pushing the other receivers very hard in practice every day.

Phillips and Ford complement each other really well. They work well together in the offseason, and critique each other’s play. Cam has really helped Ford with his blocking and being clean out of his breaks.

Duke is talented on defense and they are well coached. Tech has to beat them. They aren’t going to beat themselves.

When Tech wins the turnover battle, they win games. They have to protect the ball, and that’s a team thing. It’s not on one guy. When the Hokies do their jobs, they can play with anybody.

Ford is two touchdowns away from tying the single season receiving touchdown record at Virginia Tech. He told the media as a freshman that he wanted to score double digit touchdowns, but that didn’t work out in his first year. Hopefully it does this year.

Frank Beamer

Tech feels like Michael Brewer gives the team the best chance to be successful at this point in time. Brewer has a lot of experience. Beamer still has a lot of faith in Brenden Motley. He’s got a lot of talent, but he needs more experience.

Brewer’s overall knowledge of the offense and his overall game experience are very important. He studies hard and he works hard. He’s Tech’s best opportunity to win right now.

Brewer is a great leader and the team respects him. Tech has two quarterbacks they can win with.

Tech played with emotion against Miami. They played hard. Beamer is disappointed in the loss, but he is happy with the effort and preparation for the game. They had opportunities, but they didn’t take advantage. He still likes this team. They have an opportunity to get better over the last five games.

Beamer has always coached aggressively. He wanted to make Miami punt before halftime, and a lot of things can happen on a punt. Unfortunately Tech gave them a free play, and then had a roughing the passer call. It didn’t turn out well, but Beamer would make the same decision again if given the chance.

Travon McMillian has been great for Tech. The future looks really good, because Tech has some good young players like Travon. Beamer also looks forward to getting Greg Stroman more involved. He likes the potential of this team.

Yosuah Nijman has tremendous ability, but he’s a freshman. Experience means so much because you are working together a lot. He’s 6-7 and as athletic a tackle as Tech has every had.

Eric Gallo has a lot of toughness to him. Kyle Chung is a guy they would like to earn more playing time. He’s athletic like his dad.

Jonathan McLaughlin got banged up against Miami, but he’s going to be okay.

Dadi Nicolas is struggling with a hand injury, as well as broken fingers on his other hand. He and the whole defense need to focus on wrapping up. They plan to work on that on Tuesday.

Terrell Edmunds is a r-freshman. He’ll continue to get better. Beamer likes him a lot. He’s got football sense and he’s got height.

David Cutcliffe has done a great job at Duke. Beamer always thought Duke could be a Stanford if they improved their facilities, and they are doing that now. They have good players, and the staff coaches them up. They are as well coached as any team Tech will play.

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  1. More comments to be frustrated with coming from Frank again this week!

    1.) “Beamer has always coached aggressively.” – I share the sentiment of panhandlehokie below.
    2.) “The future looks really good, because Tech has some good young players…He likes the potential of this team.” – Heard that at the end of last year and all off-season. When is all this talk from Frank about potential and talent going to consistently appear on the field?
    3.) Comments from both Frank and Isiah about Duke being a well-coached team with good players. We keep hearing that every week with the less serious exceptions of Furman and Purdue. When is VT going to get back to being the team the opposing coaches and players emphatically say “They are well-coached and have good players”??

  2. “Beamer has always coached aggressively.” I take issue with that statement…I think concensus would be that it’s been FB’s conservatism on O that has been a hallmark of his coaching career (at least at VT). Over the years, many have complained that he was always grabbing a lead, then “playing not to lose” by being overly conservative. Have I missed something here?

    1. Definitely he turtles in the redzone. Only wants “safe” long passes thrown to the sideline, so that if there is an interception, it’s like a punt.

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