TSL Poll: Surprise Player So Far?

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The out-of-conference portion of Virginia Tech’s 2015 schedule is over, and heading into conference play, we have nominated seven Hokies as the Surprise Player of the Year so far, through four games. We’d like to know your thoughts.

Here are the nominees, in no particular order:

Adonis Alexander: a true freshman rover, Alexander moved into the starting lineup in game three at Purdue. He is the Hokies’ second-leading tackler and leads the team in interceptions with two.

Woody Baron: Baron has only started one game and is a backup defensive tackle, but he is second on the defense in tackles for loss (TFL) with 3.5, and leads the Hokies with two sacks.

Yosuah Nijman: converted to offensive tackle after a few spring scrimmages, we were told that true freshman Nijman would be a good OT “in time.” Well, it didn’t take much; Nijman hasn’t started yet, but he has received significant playing time in all four games.

Eric Gallo: A true sophomore, Gallo has stepped into the starting lineup at center and has been very solid. He’s an upgrade to recent centers and has a promising future.

Brenden Motley: pressed into service after Michael Brewer’s injury, Motley, a wing-T quarterback in high school, is #41 in the nation in pass efficiency, is VT’s second-leading rusher, and has thrown six TDs against just two INTs.

Chuck Clark: Yes, he was the defensive MVP of the spring, so is it a “surprise” that Clark is playing well? Maybe not, but he is Tech’s leading tackler by far, with 32. The next-closest defender has just 19 tackles. That’s surprising.

Travon McMillian: McMillian has only started one game and is fourth on the team in carries, but he leads the Hokies in net rushing with 209 yards. In yards-per-carry, it’s not close, with Travon averaging 8.0 ypc.

Who's your (pleasant) surprise player of the 2015 season so far?

  • Adonis Alexander (39%, 688 Votes)
  • Woody Baron (1%, 17 Votes)
  • Yosuah Nijman (7%, 115 Votes)
  • Eric Gallo (3%, 45 Votes)
  • Brenden Motley (36%, 638 Votes)
  • Chuck Clark (2%, 27 Votes)
  • Travon McMillian (12%, 211 Votes)
  • Other (describe in the comments section) (1%, 9 Votes)
  • Not sure (1%, 16 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,766

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21 Responses You are logged in as Test

  1. Love the poll. I went with Nijman since he has done well in every game. Gallo though probably should be my number one. Alexander is amazing and his contributions will only grow. Motley is doing great, in a normal year he would be on top. McMillan is doing great and also gives hope for RB’s improvement. If it was not for ECU Clark would be the team MVP. Baron, I just wish the 20 hour rule was not in effect. I say that because VT could use the Bear Defense, 4-3, and other 5 man fronts (Baron and Settle could really disrupt teams Centers which are weak for the most part in the ACC).

  2. Someone tell me why with McMillian (he gets my vote) showing promise, the play call is for Motley to run the ball more than the other 3 RBs combined against ECU? With our O-line improved, I don’t get why the O runs through our backup QB. Get the ball to your playmakers early and often.

    On D, something has to be said when your safeties lead in tackles. Problem is with our LBs perhaps.

  3. My surprise player so far has been Dadi. I expected he and his bookend to dominate the backfield. So far…not so much. Are they covering for middle deficiencies? #UnleashDadi

  4. Hell, the surprises are between Yosouh, Alexander, Clark, and McMillian. We should have known Motley would be damned good. Two years ago, I saw Motley could throw passes and run and never understood why he had not thrown more passes when he came into games. But the kids (freshmen) are true surprises.

  5. Is Chuck Clark playing well? I guess 1 game out of 4 is a 75% grade?

    I don’t think Adonis Alexander should be included yet because it is too early. Pretty much just 2 games. I know that could apply to any of them but it is way too early for Yjiman. He isn’t full-time yet against hard competition is he? How much did he play against ECU?

    I thought Gallo…even though people thought he was coming along and would be an upgrade, we didn’t know until he played.

    1. Or Baron…though it is hard to say beyond the stats what IMPACT he is making. We need people on the DL to be disruptors.

  6. Motley and then Adonis a close 2nd. While Adonis has been outstanding, most surprising has to go to Mot. I didn’t think he could throw whatsoever and didn’t know how to read defenses, etc. Everyone, myself included was looking forward to the DLaw show after OSU.

  7. Disappointing players
    Edmunds, Trey
    Van Dyke

    Did I miss anybody?

    1. Unnecessary. Accomplishes nothing. You disappointed in Brewer and Fuller, too? Certainly they have been disappointing. Getting hurt – they should have been more careful!

  8. I was surprised everyone else had picked Motley too (as he had 100% of the votes when I did the poll).

    Then I realized I was the only vote so far…

      1. I agree since Motley has been in the program for 4 years…I chose Alexander only because he has surpassed all expectations, including maybe his own.

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