Tech Talk Live Notes for September 21, 2015

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Shane Beamer

Saturday was a fun day.  They knew they needed to get the running game going and get everyone involved, and they did.  Brenden Motley did a great job of making plays, but anytime you have the threat of the run it makes everything so much more efficient offensively.

Beamer doesn’t know if all his players are “happy” because they are all competitors who want to run the ball more.  They all deserve carries.  Sam Rogers is always going to be on the field on third down because of his pass protection and his route running ability.  J.C. Coleman and Trey Edmunds didn’t play in the fourth quarter against Purdue because the game was out of hand.  Beamer is fortunate to have a number of good backs, and it’s a good problem to have.

It’s good to see the offensive line gel.  Stacy Searels has done a great job of making those guys tough.  That’s what you have to have up front.  They are blue collar.  They are all a year older than they were last season, and that makes a big difference.  Sometimes it takes time.

Shai McKenzie is still working to get back to 100%.  He had two ACL surgeries in two years.  He did a good job on Saturday.  They want to see his “make-them-miss” ability come along a little more.  He’s a violent runner.

Beamer is hoping that Marshawn Williams can get some contact work in practice very soon.  He needs to get 100% cleared, then he needs to get in football shape.  Once that happens, they’ll see where they are at tailback and make a decision on whether or not he’ll redshirt.  They want to get their best guys on the field, but they can’t clutter up the rotation.

Trey Edmunds’ injury in 2013 was unfortunate.  He was just coming along as a running back before he got hurt.  He was very raw coming out of high school, and really didn’t start learning how to be a running back until he got to Virginia Tech.  He missed most of last season as well, so he’s still getting back into the swing of things.  He has been getting better each week, and will continue to do so.

Trey Edmunds

Trey is proud of his brothers.  Being able to play with them in college is amazing.  He was very excited when Terrell blocked that punt on Saturday.  That was his first big play on the collegiate level.  His parents were excited.  His mom was actually texting Trey during the game because she was so excited, and he saw it on his phone after the game.

Trey’s dad was his high school coach.  He considers himself to be blessed to grow up around a guy like his dad, who was an NFL All-Pro.

Tech’s offensive line played great against Purdue.  It felt good to break off that long run against Purdue.  The hole was huge.

Edmunds feels like the future of this football team is great.  He thinks everyone is unselfish.  J.C. Coleman is one of his best friends.  They compete for carries, but they are very close.  The whole team is like that.  Winning is the only thing that is important.

For a lot of guys, Saturday was their first road game.  Steven Peoples had never flown before.  It was a good feeling coming back from Indiana knowing that they had handled business.

Frank Beamer gave a little snippet of a dance after Purdue.  If they win at ECU, he promised to show the entire dance.

Michael Brewer is everything you can ask for in a quarterback.  He was rolling against Ohio State.  Brenden Motley has worked hard and molded himself into a quarterback.  He had a great performance on Saturday.  He had some big time passes against Purdue.

Wyatt Teller is a manchild.  His numbers in the weight room are out of this world.

Edmunds plays a lot of special teams.  His role on the team is to help the team as much as he can.  He enjoys being on the kickoff team.  He likes tackling people.  He can’t tackle people at tailback.

Frank Beamer

Beamer passed Bear Bryant in wins at one school with the victory at Purdue.  Beamer played under Jerry Claiborne, who was a Bear Bryant disciple.  He never thought he would be mentioned along with Bryant.  He’s happy the people at Virginia Tech let him coach this long.

Tim Sands came from Purdue, and he’s proud of the win.  It was a good team win.  Purdue is coming along as a program.  The Tech fans were great on Saturday.  Beamer appreciates so many of them coming to the game.

The team played well on Saturday.  They executed well, other than some penalties.  Beamer feels like the assistant coaches coached very well also.  They did a job of preparing the team and adjusting during the game.

If history is an indicator, Saturday’s game will be close.  Beamer has great respect for ECU’s program and their coach.  ECU is going to play very hard on Saturday.  They have most of their offensive line back.

Adonis Alexander is a really talented guy.  Football makes sense to him.  He has a high football IQ, and his athletic ability certainly helps.

Sean Huelskamp made a great preparation for Saturday’s game.  He reminds Beamer of Jack Tyler.

Tech has good kickers.  AJ Hughes is punting well, and Joey Slye is good.  Beamer likes his backups as well.  Stroman’s punt returning will get better.  He has a lot of potential.

Teams use so many gunners on punts these days that Beamer feels like they need to be going after more blocks.  They hope to get some more blocked punts this season.

Tech has smart kids.  The coaches have to get them to think about penalties a little more.  They had players stand up in front of the team and talk about their penalties and why they happened.

Beamer thinks Brenden Motley is a big guy who can make people miss.  He always falls forward.  He doesn’t get rattled.  He’s always in control.  He’s been on the sideline enough to know what’s going on.  He’s done a great job.

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  1. Shane Beamer –“They want to get their best guys on the field, but they can’t clutter up the rotation.”


  2. Love and respect Trey and his family. Circumstances did not allow Trey to play Linebacker which is unfortunate. I feel strongly that LB is where he has always belonged, were he is the hammer and not the nail. Also, he runs too high to be a runner. We could really use his talent at our very thin LB depth and he would get a lot more tackles than he gets on the kick off coverage.

    1. Yes, very interesting comment he made that was highlighted above “He enjoys being on the kickoff team. He likes tackling people. He can’t tackle people at tailback.” Many people on message boards have been begging for him to play LB. Seems like he would have fit well there if he likes to tackle people. I guess it’s too late now…

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